Birdy Raghoonundun Gunputh

R Gunputh

Birdy Raghoonundun Gunputh, Product Manager Safety Training, Lufthansa Aviation Training GmbH

Raghoonundun Gunputh (Nickname: Birdy) is the Product Manager Safety Training at Lufthansa Aviation Training, where his main area of responsibility is to manage the product portfolio for SEP, First Aid, Security procedures and Dangerous Goods training.

He holds a degree in Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Open University UK.

In his past 32 years’ experience within the airline industry, Birdy started as a cabin crew on long and short haul and afterwards spent 24 years in the field of safety training. During this period, he gained the competencies as a SEP, CRM and Security Trainer and took over the role of Manager Safety Training at different airlines for 19 years before joining Lufthansa Aviation Training. Within this journey, he has been involved in enhancing the designing and delivery of safety training in an ever-changing operational environment.

As a member if the ICAO Cabin Safety Group, Birdy extends his engagement in the field of safety and training in the airline industry.

His latest projects have been to introduce VR Technology at Lufthansa Aviation Training for cabin crew and explore means of re-shaping future training. Vital ongoing projects to deal with the ever-changing nature of the operational field of the airline industry.

Challenges: Perceive, Acknowledge, Solve and Anticipate Them

The numerous challenges we face can be related to the aviation industry or other organizations and some
specific for individuals. Then there are challenges such as the current pandemic with serious consequences and impact upon everybody.

A good situation awareness is the first step in identifying whether a situation is familiar, challenging, new or complex. Sometimes we perceive the challenge evolving and sometimes we don’t. The next phase is to accept and acknowledge the situation we are in and be ready to deal with it. Dealing with certain situations is easy when you possess the knowledge, skills, experience, training and resources required. However, being successful this time does not mean forever. Therefore, we have to learn, develop, anticipate and prepare for the future.

This presentation will give you the big picture. What are the challenges out there? Did we learn something in the past and are we learning something for good in our current situation. What about all the positive experiences we have encountered in this pandemic and other crisis, such as kindness, empathy, flexibility… How long will they really last? What about our training? What will change, what has to change? What will be the “NEW” standard? Lastly, do we really need a crisis to find out how valuable people, trust, identification and culture are?

This speech will also give you some ideas and insight on how to ensure that the changes are strategically long-term proof and how all human resources involved can cope with it and maintain the necessary level of safety we need to deliver in our industry.

Let us decide what, when and how change will look like for the future. Let us get ready and resilient for future challenges. We might not change everything immediately, but as Mahatma Gandhi once said: “If you want to change the world, you have to start with yourself”.

Fiona Greenyer

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