Karen Moore

Karen Moore, Principal Occupational Psychologist, Symbiotics

Karen Moore is a Chartered Occupational Pyschologist with considerable experience of assessing individuals at all levels from graduate to board directors and in a diverse range of industries from nuclear, through utilities to banking and aviation. She is particularly concerned that personality profiling should not be seen as the route to protecting mental health, but as one indicator of the individual’s susceptibility.

Karen joined Symbiotics in 2017 as MD and Principal Occupational Psychologist, to further develop their assessment processes for high consequence industries. Symbiotics specialize in the assessment of pilots and specialist units within the police, such as firearms officers.

Mental Health Under Stress

Selected for resilience then had a tough time – getting the stuffing back into the ‘right stuff’.

2020 proved to be an exceptionally tough time for the whole world but the aviation sector suffered the earliest, and amongst the severest, consequences. Recovery will not be as quick as the downturn, so the effects will be felt for long after the world gets over the worst of the illness.

Flight and cabin crew will need to be back at their mental peak when they recommence work, not worrying about residual concerns. Though most airlines and ATOs utilize selection processes to help identify people with high levels of stress tolerance and low anxiety levels to train and work as pilots, this does not make them immune to worry.  What help and support will they need, and how this will be provided, will be questions that AOCs have to start to address in restarting operations.

We will consider the normal sources of stress in the work environment, the additional stresses introduced by Covid-19 and adapted operations, and also include some practical methods for listeners to manage their mental well-being on a day-to-day basis so that they are fit and ready to work.

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