Renee Medina-Eggleston

Renee Medina-Eggleston, Sr. Instructor, Flight Attendant Training, Southwest Airlines University

Renee Medina Eggleston began her career as a Flight Attendant with Southwest Airlines in June 1992 and traveled well over a decade before exploring several opportunities within Inflight throughout the years. She has served Southwest’s outstanding Flight Attendants in all areas of Inflight Training since 2010. Renee is thrilled to be celebrating 29 years of service and extremely excited to be celebrating Southwest Airlines 50 years of Positively Outstanding Service.

Intertwining Safety, Innovation & Culture at Southwest Airlines University

In light of new health and safety protocols, the way we all work and train literally changed overnight in 2020. Distancing requirements and limitations to in-person training has forced training organizations to rethink and rework traditional methods of instruction. But with a culture like Southwest, how can an organization adhere to these protocols and retain that culture for which Southwest is so well known?

Renee Medina-Eggleston, Sr. Instructor, Flight Attendant Training at Southwest Airlines University will describe the three primary Inflight Training Programs’ past, present and future, and innovative ways her Team is intertwining Southwest Values, Culture, and the SWA University’s “4 C’s” (Collaboration, Consistency, Community, Continuous Improvement) through the evolution of the current environment.

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