Stefanie Coppedge

Stefanie Coppedge, Manager, Inflight Training & Professional Development, Frontier Airlines

Stefanie possesses nearly 25 years of experience in the commercial aviation industry.  Having begun her career as a Flight Attendant with Frontier Airlines, Stefanie has served in several leadership roles with Frontier Airlines, Check Flight Attendant, Base Supervisor, Flight Attendant Instructor and Manager of Inflight Training & Professional Development. Stefanie played a large part with proving runs when Frontier transitioned to an all Airbus fleet , played an integral part when Frontier added the Airbus 321 and has successfully opened multiple Flight Attendant training centers.

Innovative Learning Solutions in an Ultra, Low-Cost Environment

Designing effective learning solutions in an ultra, low-cost environment may be viewed by some as a challenging task. The absence of full-scale cabin trainers, virtual reality and other technical training techniques presents an opportunity for ultra, low-cost carriers to design alternative training solutions to ensure learner success. Join team Frontier as we share best practices of how progressive learning techniques and virtual aircraft tours shape the initial flight attendant training experience.

Fiona Greenyer

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