Thomas Kaminski

Thomas Kaminski, Manager College of Inflight, JetBlue Airways

Thomas Kaminski leads the implementation of large scale cross-divisional training initiatives at JetBlue University. After spending 10 years as a Cabin Crewmember, he went on to hold various leadership and training positions with Delta Air Lines and Southwest Airlines prior to joining JetBlue. At JetBlue, Thomas had the privilege of leading the team that developed JetBlue’s first Cabin Crew Advanced Qualification Program and leading the team responsible for delivering, maintaining, and enhancing that program. An alumnus of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Thomas holds a Commercial Instrument Pilot certificate and flies occasionally as a JetBlue Inflight qualified crewmember.

Comparative Analysis – Door Drills

Cabin crew training evaluations vary from carrier to carrier. Whilst the drills and evaluations required are somewhat standardized globally, minimally acceptable performance varies widely. We also know that human performance is rarely without error.  Standard operating procedure and associated standards of training performance may or may not tightly align, or translate to expected performance.

This presentation will explore how good data can provide valuable insight, but may still leave you asking more questions. We will examine a real-world scenario involving evacuation drills, explain the research we conducted, discuss the findings, and provide suggestions for air carriers how to align performance indicators in training with standard operating procedure.

Fiona Greenyer

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