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Bob Simmons, Director, Baines Simmons

Bob is a co-founder of Baines Simmons. He is a creative and technical aviation safety expert who brings his passion, experience and problem-solving strengths to bear across a wide spectrum of aviation safety-related subjects. He provides insightful strategic and technical leadership support to clients’ safety regulatory and airworthiness engagements.

Bob’s ambition is to design and build world-class products and services that make real positive contributions and impact on aviation safety improvement.

Bob joined the Royal Air Force in 1978 as an apprentice aircraft maintenance technician before becoming a civil licensed aircraft maintenance engineer, qualified on a range of Boeing, Airbus and Douglas aircraft. He served as a UK CAA Senior Airworthiness Surveyor with responsibility for Continuing Airworthiness policy, implementation and standardisation in the UK.

Bob now leads a team of consultants, delivering Regulatory and Compliance consultancy services with military and civil clients world-wide. In 2007 he was appointed the first Chief Surveyor with the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry, creating and launching the entire airworthiness and certification system under which over 1,000 aircraft have now been certified. He is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, an Incorporated Engineer with the Engineering Council and is a trustee of the International Federation of Airworthiness.

Competence vs. Performance – What Skills are Missing?

Human Factors training has been required for maintenance personnel for almost 20 years and whilst the requirements for a safety culture are fairly light, this is clearly one of the objectives of the initial and recurrent training. Some global regulators additionally require certificated organisations to implement systems for continuous improvement and in some cases, integration of safety and business management into a single system.

Most industry professionals will recognise that safety culture cannot be achieved through HF training alone. I advocate that a number of other enablers within an organisation, including maintenance leader competence have a bigger impact on performance than shop-floor HF training.

This presentation will explore best practice, lessons learnt and challenges in the fields of maintenance leadership and the practical means of integrating Safety and Commercial performance management for simultaneous continuous improvement.

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