Jay Logie

Jay Logie, Founder and COO, ATG (Aircraft Technologies Group Inc.), Aero Skills and Aviation NETWorX

Born and raised in Toronto Ontario, grew to learn and love all technology – he now has more than 40 years’ aviation experience in manufacturing and maintenance in both military and civilian sectors, on a wide variety of aircraft, based in mechanics and structures. Project embodiments include major repair and conversion work like; winglets, stretch and cargo door conversions, lap joints, floor beam, engine beam and pressure bulkhead mods and repairs, to name a few.

Since being a child, he has also raced and/or organized racing for motorcycles, snowmobiles, stockcars, trucks and boats. Technology and racing interests and attention to detail has driven Jay to become a technical and competitive problem solver, known for getting the job done. Leading the charge, he has turned his technical problem-solving skills towards workforce development and has established successful people and team programs. A new platform, Aviation NETWorX, is a recent patent pending, holistic workforce development platform. His consistent high performance, extensive experience and knowledge has led him to build the company ATG is today.

As an innovator he works on two fronts: Aero Skills Tournaments (AS); where he has developed the touch trade competitions crisscrossing the continent and planting the aero trade seed. The second, he designs and builds aviation and marine products with support of other technical companies and universities; unique, sustainable technology projects for our home base.

Mr. Logie is involved with his local Toastmaster Club and enjoys sharing the stories from his career – ‘from the trenches’ he says, motivating ATG and the Aero Skills employees, generate excitement, and interest. He continually has public speaking experience with the Aero Skills Tournaments and ATG events.

With ATG’s inception in 1999, “My ATG” incorporated in 2013 and introduced Aviation NETworX in 2018.  Our focus has become targeted to bring people capital and more accountability into the aircraft maintenance, manufacturing, and skilled work force market.

Personnel Readiness, Starts in the Community

‘Readiness’ (read-i-ness) “developmental stage; the capacity to receive and act on instructions.”

“It takes a village to raise a child”; well, in aviation, “it takes a community to GROW a mechanic”, fully trained, skilled and ‘ready’.

Since we learned to walk, we are being directed to a career. Bombarded by peers and influencers, where a career path we think is true. We often never really know who we are hiring or their skill sets, until they work the floor; maybe too late!

For the employer, the workforce preparedness includes:

  • Attract new individuals to our industry.
  • Finding the right maintenance person.
  • Ensuring fit for position and the preparedness culture.


With technology, a continually improving pipeline of skilled people, tracked for a steady supply of technicians; trained and ready to enter the aviation industry, is a viable option today.

Long before trade school the work ethics and key skills starts to grow, never mind the fit, yet, but preparedness has already begun. The trade school only validates their desires, adds knowledge and builds confidence. Here in the 21st century, about 30 years of internet and we are still using old tools like printed resumes, classifieds and agencies to find the people we need – how futile. When we continue to use self proclaiming first person resumes, we will always be guessing where both the truth and readiness starts or ends.

Identifying these people who are skilled and ready is more difficult when we only have the archaic resume system. This identifying of each person’s skills and experience accurately is the first step for a successful workforce and towards dealing with developing personnel readiness.

Why would someone print resumes when they could be using a smart phone for immediate more accurate results!?

Fiona Greenyer

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