Lori Brown, MSc AVN HF, FRAeS, Professor, Western Michigan University

Lori Brown is a Professor and Researcher at Western Michigan University, College of Aviation. Her transformational research includes the use of augmented reality in technical driven occupations and is currently a researcher for the FAA PEGASAS Center of Excellence dedicated to helping the FAA revolutionize technical training. Her work has been featured internationally at many international conferences, books, and journal publications. She is an Airline Transport Pilot and has trained Ab-initio cadet pilots for British Airways, KLM, and UAE, as well as pilots for national and international government agencies. She evaluates military aviation training and occupations for the American Council on Education (ACE). Her dedication and passion for transforming aviation training earned her the WMU Michigan Professor of the Year and the WMU Innovative Teaching Awards.

Shaping the Future of Global Aviation Training with Spatial Computing and NextGen AR Technologies

As with virtual and augmented reality, spatial computing is based on the concept of the “digital twin”. We have seen how Virtual and Augmented Reality have started to transform aviation training and now we can optimize real world global training with  digital tools such as, spatial computing. In spatial computing training environments, the avatar serves various purposes for virtual training sessions while connecting  other digital objects and create virtual worlds. In practice, this means an instructor can present a digital version of an aircraft, aircraft system or flight deck to multiple students in different locations around the world at the same time. Students are mirrored as avatars and can walk around the aircraft, learn cockpit procedures, practice two-crew operations with multiple people in the flight deck, examine components up-close, ask questions and share opinions, just as if they were together in a traditional classroom, simulator, or aircraft setting. With spatial computing, you can run a training session from anywhere in the world and educate your workforce in a way that is cost effective, interactive and engaging. The potential of using 3D graphically rendered content to communicate and illustrate objects for the purpose of global aviation training is limitless.

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