First Officer Todd Lisak


First Officer Todd Lisak, ALPA Intl, Director of Training, MEC Training Chairman, Pilot, JetBlue

First Officer Todd Lisak is the ALPA National Director of Training, Training Council Chairman and JetBlue Airways Training Committee Chairman. In his ALPA national roles, Todd is responsible for coordinating internal efforts to support the ALPA training priorities at each of the airlines represented by ALPA in the US and Canada. He is a current and qualified E190 pilot for JetBlue Airways based in Orlando, FL since 2007. Todd has accumulated nearly 10,000 flight hours in both commercial and corporate aircraft. He has flight experience to every continent with the exception of Antarctica.

Todd previously served as an instructor pilot for JetBlue airways and during his time instructing his trainees included many South American airlines such as TACA, LACSA, TRIP, Aero Republica, Austraul, and Azul. Todd also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Science from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

Navigating the Dynamic Challenges of Pilot Supply, Recruitment, Mentorship, and Training

The route to airline recovery following the global Covid-19 pandemic is flush with opportunity for airlines, unions, and regulators to work together and recruit the next generation of aviation professionals, while continuing to ensure they’re properly mentored and trained for safe flight operations.

Covid-19 revealed several opportunities for collaboration within current regulatory structures. United Airlines and ALPA work together to strategically address pilot supply and training challenges that continue to evolve. This panel will focus on key components of current and future recruiting, mentorship, and training initiatives designed to help airlines attract and successfully compete for the next generation of aviation professionals.

Executive leadership from United Airlines will discuss the new AVIATE program, built in collaboration with ALPA, and the role it will play in addressing Next-Gen Aviation pilot screening, recruitment, diversity, and funding. ALPA will also discuss the landscape for pilot training and mentorship initiatives spanning across the union, which includes more than 59,000 pilots represented across 35 airlines in the US and Canada.

The pace, breadth, and duration of the pandemic tested US pilot recruitment and training systems and disrupted even the simplest of practices. Although 2020 brought significant challenges, it was full of opportunity and we will emerge to a new normal. One of our brightest times together is on the horizon, as we prepare for what could rapidly become the most dynamic reversals relative to pilot recruitment and training demand in aviation history. Our collective attention will be on the solutions we create to safely meet that need with a diverse supply of increasingly qualified pilots. As the panel discusses current strategies, the audience will have insight into the unique perspectives from senior executives at one of the world’s largest airlines, alongside human factors, training, and pilot supply experts from the world’s largest pilot union.

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