Dr. Colin Drury & Catherine Barnes

Colin G. Drury, President, Applied Ergonomics Group

Colin G. Drury is also Distinguished Professor Emeritus at University at Buffalo: SUNY and has been recognized as a leading world figure in human/system integration. He has major awards from four professional societies and been elected Fellow of all these societies. He has published hundreds of technical papers and given dozens of keynote addresses to professional societies. Since 1989 he led a team to reduce errors in aviation maintenance and inspection, as well as security services, as Director of Research Institute for Safety and Security in Transportation (RISST). 

Prior to that, he was Director of the Center for industrial Effectiveness (TCIE) at SUNY Buffalo, which used a regional development perspective to retain key industries within Western New York. Working with a large number of regional industries, TCIE evaluated strategic challenges and implemented new methods of cellular manufacturing, process control and quality assurance. A key part of these initiatives was teaching and implementing modern quality improvement strategies. In the first five years, TCIE was credited with saving / adding over 5000 secure jobs to the region. As part of his work with TCIE, he has taught graduate-level and industrial based courses in experimental design, quality assurance and current quality techniques. 

Colin Drury has over 200 publications on topics in industrial process control, aviation maintenance, security and safety. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Industrial Engineers, the Chartered Institute for Ergonomics and Human Factors, the International Ergonomics Association and the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society. He received the Bartlett medal of the CIEHF and both the Fitts and Lauer Awards of the HFES. In 2005 he received the FAA’s Excellence in Aviation Research award, while in 2006 he was awarded American Association of Engineering Societies’ Kenneth Andrew Roe Award. He is also a private pilot with extensive experience in aviation matters. He has chaired and served on numerous committees for the National Academy of Sciences / National Research Council, on topics such as safety of chemical weapons demilitarization, evaluating NASA’s Aviation Safety activities, visual inspection, advising on staffing models for the FAA, new technologies for aviation security and as a member of the Board on Human System Integration. He was a member of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Research, Engineering and Development Advisory Committee (REDAC) and chaired its Human Factors committee. He has also given testimony before the US Congress on the research programs for enhanced aviation security.


Catherine Barnes, Vice President, Applied Ergonomics Group

Catherine Barnes is Vice President of Applied Ergonomics Group in Boulder, CO, and works with Dr. Colin G. Drury. She has a Masters in Business Administration and a Masters in Educational Psychology from the University of Colorado. Catherine and Colin have been working together for over twenty years in the area of Visual Inspection for the aircraft and cabinet industries. Most recently, they completed a project on the causes of Failure to Follow Procedures events for the FAA.