Jason Thompson

Business Development Manager, L3 Commercial Training Solutions

Jason Thompson became Business Development Manager at L3 Commercial Training Solutions (CTS) in 2013 and first started working for the Company in 2006. In his current role, Jason supports the   sales teams and works on enhancing L3 CTS’ products and services across its key sectors. 

Prior to L3 CTS, Jason held multiple positions at UTC Aerospace Systems (formerly Goodrich Corporation) for three years. In these roles, Jason focused on business development and account management in government and military aviation. He began his career in pilot training at Northwest Airlines, specializing as a ground school instructor on the DC10, and was later involved in 737NG ground school training at Sun Country Airlines.

Jason graduated from the University of North Dakota with a BSc in Aeronautics and a Major in Commercial Aviation. He is a Multi-Engine, Instrument Rated, Commercial Pilot, with a Flight Engineer Certificate and a DC10 Type Rating.

As part of his current role, Jason particularly enjoys discovering and leveraging new technologies in order to continue to better training in the aviation industry. He believes there is significant opportunity in the use of these new technologies, for example in continually improving the real-life aspects of L3 CTS’ range of training tools and simulation products.

Immersive Environments for the Benefits of Maintainers

As aircraft technology evolves, so too must maintenance training. Tablets, virtual reality and augmented reality offer great opportunities for maintenance training providers and have already transformed similar professions within other industries. Providing tools that can augment maintenance operations and training, as well as tools that provide an immersive experience, will become increasingly important not just during the training phase but also to support on the line helping to improve day-to-day ability. As the looming numbers of maintainers required become increasingly critical, these immersive technologies, and the improved training and on-the-job support they provide, will be critical to meet the growing needs of the industry.