Dennis A. Crider

Chief Technical Advisor, Vehicle Simulation, National Transportation Safety Board

Mr. Crider has been employed at the Safety Board since 1995 and currently serves as the Chief Technical Advisor for Vehicle Simulation. He is the author of the Board’s ISIM (Investigative SIMulation) and KinSurf (kinematic parameter extraction) simulation tools as well as several other vehicle performance accident investigation tools and has used simulation techniques on many accident investigations such as USAir 427 and TWA 800. He has served on several committees with the goal of improving simulation fidelity and training. Prior to joining the Board he served as aerodynamic, stability and control and simulation engineer at Beech Aircraft (1979-1985), Douglas Aircraft (1985-1994), and McDonnell Douglas Aerospace (1994-1995).


The Success of Simulator Training in Reducing Aviation Accidents

The air carrier accident rate has dramatically improved in recent years. The training simulation community deserves considerable credit for our role in this success. Training simulation has been the go-to tool in 61 NTSB recommendations since 1969 to address shortcomings identified in accident investigation. The presentation will trace these additions or enhancements to simulator training over the years and, where possible, show resulting improvements in the accident rate.