Regional Airline Pilot Conference

Regional Airline Training Conference Moderator: Paul J. Preidecker, FlightDeck Insights LLC

Day 1 – Tuesday 28th April 2020

0900-1000  Session 1: Opening Remarks & Keynote Addresses (Room i1-4)
(All conference tracks)
1) TBD
2) TBD

1000-1100  Coffee

1100-1230  Session 2 – Times of Crises … Times of Opportunity (Room i1-3) 
(World Airline Pilot/Regional Pilot/Maintenance)
1) Dr. Alethea Duhon, Technical Director, Air Force Agency for Modeling & Simulation/Co-Chair VR/AR Association Aerospace Committee
Training Revolution
2) Captain Christof-J Kemény, Senior Training Advisor, Lufthansa CityLine/Co-Founder, OneTeamCockpit
Evolution of Flight Procedures
3) David Smith, Senior Vice President & General Manager, TRU Simulation + Training
How to Stay Agile in a World of Evolving Pilot Training

1230-1400  Lunch

1400-1530  Session 3 – Evolving the Training Standards (Room i2&3)
(World Airline Pilot/Regional Pilot)
1) TBD, Boeing
CBTA & EBT in a Tick-Box World
2) Anneke Nabben, Training Expert, Netherlands Aerospace Centre NLR
Do We Really Need High Fidelity Training?

3) Captain Chris Ranganathan, Senior Director Training Strategy and Services, CAE
Making Aviation Dreams Come True

1530-1615  Coffee

1615-1745  Session 4 – Bridging the Experience Gap (Room i2&3)
(World Airline Pilot/Regional Pilot)
1) Captain Peter J. (Pete) Wolfe, Executive Director, Professional Aviation Board of Certification
The Impact of Under-Prepared Pilots
2) Captain Jyoti Gayan, Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor, Qatar Aeronautical College
Ab Initio Pilot Training: A Collaborative Effort
3) Captain Steven F. Dempsey, B737 Captain, Chair – Delta Air Lines Human Factors Working Group (HFWG)
The Ideology of Human Factors

Day 2 – Wednesday 29th April 2020

0900-1030  Session 5 – Re-Energizing Training Focus, the Foundation of Aviation Safety (Room H3&4)
1) Bill Whyte, Vice President, Aviation Operations & Technical Services, Regional Airline Association
Industry Welcome and Update from the Regional Airline Association
2) Robert Burke, Group Manager, Training and Simulation Group, AFS-200, FAA
FAA Regulatory Review
3) Sheri Pippin, Aviation Safety Inspector, Air Transportation Division Training and Simulation Group, FAA
Pilot Professional Development Rulemaking

1030-1115  Coffee

1115-1245  Session 6 – Qualification and Development (Room H3&4)
1) Brad Lambert, Vice President Flight Operations, Frontier Airlines & Mike Suckow, Professor of Practice, School of Aviation & Transportation Technology, Purdue University
Job Capable to Job Ready: Working Together to Improve Quality
2) Dan Pedersen, Director, Airline Academy USA, L3Harris
The Journey to Becoming an Airline Ready Pilot
3) Panel Discussion moderated by Paul Preidecker

1245-1415  Lunch

1415-1545  Session 7 – Managing Skills (Room H3&4)
1) Dr. Kathy Abbott, Chief Scientific and Technical Advisor, Flight Deck Human Factors & Colleen Donovan, Senior Technical Specialist for Flight Deck Human Factors, Federal Aviation Administration
Automated Systems and Manual Flight Operations: Finding a Balance
2) Dr. Meredith Carroll, Associate Professor of Aviation Human Factors & Captain Shem Malmquist, Visiting Professor, Florida Institute of Technology
Training Approaches to Promote Pilot Resilience
3) Panel Discussion

1545-1630  Coffee

1630-1800  Session 8 – Normalizing Diversity (Room H3&4)
1) Michele Summers Halleran, Professor, Department of Aeronautical Science & Director of Diversity Initiatives, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Female Pilot Recruitment in a Collegiate Professional Pilot Program
2) Alan Orr & Jennifer Roberts, Aviation English Specialists, College of Aeronautics, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Worldwide
The Ongoing English Language Issue in Ab Initio Flight Training
3) Panel Discussion

Day 3 – Thursday 30th April 2020

0900-1030  Session 9 – Opportunity Equality (Room i2&3)
(World Airline Pilot/Regional Pilot/Maintenance)
1) Sarah Cooney, Vice President Sales – Americas, L3Harris Commercial Aviation
Diversity – Are We Making Progress?
2) Robert Jex, FAASTeam Program Manager (Ops) Orlando FSDO, FAA
Financing Your WINGS
3) Captain Evey Cormican, Founder-CEO, Visionary Training Resources, LLC
Come Fly With Me

1030-1115  Coffee

1115-1245  Session 10 – Emergent Concepts (Room i2&3)
(World Airline Pilot/Regional Pilot/Maintenance)
1) Edzard Boland, Training & Operator Performance Specialist, NLR – Netherlands Aerospace Centre
Electrifying Training: Is Electric Flying Changing Training Requirements?
2) Pasha Saleh, Director, Strategy & Innovation, Alaska Airlines & Rama Myers, Vice President Aviation, Seeing Machines
Eye Tracking: A Window into Pilot Behaviors to Support Evidence-Based Training
3) Dr. Michael Mayrhofer, CEO, Norwegian Competence Centre Helicopters NCCH AS
Mixed Reality Training in FFS: Next-Level Multi-Crew Coordination

1245  Closing Remarks