Jessica Altamirano, Laura Victor & Emily Martinez

Jessica Altamirano, Analyst, Assessment, Measurement & Evaluation Team, JetBlue University

Jessica Altamirano is an analyst on the Assessment, Measurement and Evaluation Team at JetBlue University. She has been in her current role for four years working as the dedicated analyst for the College of Inflight. She has an undergraduate degree in applied learning and instruction with a specialization in business and training. She has previously shared insight as the analyst for the College of Inflight at the Regional Airline Association Annual Convention.

Laura Victor, Supervisor, Inflight Training Team, JetBlue University

Laura Victor is a Supervisor to the Inflight Training team at JetBlue University. Her role allows her to oversee the curriculum for all Inflight programs. She has been in her current role for three years and with JetBlue for ten years. Laura obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies with a focus on business.

Emily Martinez, Senior Instructional Designer, Learning Design Team, JetBlue University

Emily Martinez is a senior Instructional Designer with the Learning Design team at JetBlue University. She has been in her role for a year, where she has collaborated with the College of Inflight and other workgroups to design and develop various training programs. Emily has an undergraduate degree in communication studies with a minor in psychology and a master’s degree in college student affairs with a concentration in conflict analysis and resolution.

Lights, Camera, Data-into-Action

Join us to learn about JetBlue’s process of implementing a data-driven learning strategy. JetBlue University brings together key players incorporating cabin training subject matter expertise, adult learning and design, and data collection and measurement. How does JetBlue decide which training issues need prioritization? What are some challenges they face? How has learning analytics and learning measurement impacted their Crewmembers’ performance in training and beyond? We will outline all of the above in an applied example demonstrating how to maximize the impact of Inflight training including some tips and tricks on how to drive action using data along the way.