Captain Chris Ranganathan

Captain Chris Ranganathan, Senior Director Training Strategy and Services, CAE

An active pilot, Chris has been involved in pilot training and training management for over 20 years, in an aviation career spanning more than 30 years.

During his career, he has been instrumental in the introduction of innovative training concepts and programs at several airlines. Immediately prior to joining CAE, Chris was Vice President Operations Training at Etihad Airways, where he was responsible for the introduction of EBT on all types and the implementation of MPL cadet pilot training that used the Embraer Phenom in the Basic phase of the program.

In his current role, he is responsible for leading CAE’s Civil Aviation Strategy team, including Regulatory Affairs, Training Standards, Aviation Safety, MPL training and Training Solutions.

A CAT Magazine Pioneer award winner in 2018, Chris holds a Masters Degree in Aviation Management and is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society.

Making Aviation Dreams Come True

The aviation industry will need over 300K new pilots in the next 10 years, stretching global capabilities in terms of training volume and available instructors. How can we address the looming pilot and instructor shortage while remaining safe and enhancing training quality?

Using its training management system, CAE collects and connects data, enabling a better understanding of the modern pilot and empowering instructors to reach new levels of effectiveness. With the help of learning science, the right training content is delivered through the right container to create a curriculum fully adapted to the individual student pilot. CAE’s Rise™ system provides real-time insights that guide trained instructors in performing standardized evaluations and when used with CAE’s analytics services, allows for refinement of program design.

CAE addresses the pilot and instructor shortage in advocating a combination of technological tools and modern learning science. Student pilots and instructors are thus better equipped to answer the needs of today’s dynamic aviation industry while making their dreams come true.