Christian Delmas

Christian Delmas, Head of Maintenance Training, Airbus

• Engineering degree in Mechanics and Master degree in propulsion systems.
• 27 years of experience in Airbus Customer Support, Supportability Engineering and as Head of Airbus Maintenance Programme Engineering.
• Head of Airbus Maintenance Training MTO since October 2015.
• For 30 years, lecturer at different French schools and Universities as well as 10 years at the Civil Aviation University of China (Tianjin) on Powerplant Maintainability, Supportability Engineering and Scheduled Maintenance (Maintenance Programs and Planning).
• Organisation of and speaker at various Scheduled Maintenance and Maintenance Training Regional Seminars since 2002.
• Contribution to scheduled maintenance and maintenance training rule making and standardization activities with various National Aviation Authorities (EASA, FAA, CAAC, CAAS) as member of the Maintenance Program Industry Group (MPIG) and European Aviation Maintenance Training Committee (EAMTC).

Maintenance Training Value Creation

Why do we create value? Isn’t it the primary objective of any business?

If we consider Maintenance Training like a business more than a simple legal requirement, how could Airlines use it as a strategy for profitability?

The question to answer is how to turn training costs into an investment?

From the customer’s side, the value is the simple equation: Benefits minus Costs. Airlines know their training costs, but do they know their benefits?

A training suppliers’ purpose should be more than safety – which is and will always be their first mission: to train maintenance personnel with an objective of cost-efficiency, while maintaining high quality standards. That’s how we will demonstrate the value of the training for an airline.

Christian Delmas, Head of Airbus Maintenance Training, will exchange with you on this maintenance training value creation subject.

Looking for permanent efficiency of its training services, Airbus has launched a survey with the aim to assess the added value of the delivered training to the competences and the performance of airline’s maintenance personnel.

This survey consists of three anonymous online questionnaires, sent in the second half of 2019, to a large panel of trainees. “M&E Maintenance & Excellence” has supported Airbus on this initiative, setting up the survey and compiling the results in order to demonstrate that Maintenance Training for mechanics is more an investment than a cost!