Clinton Cardozo

Clinton Cardozo, Digital Systems Manager – Learning, Air New Zealand

Clinton Cardozo is the digital systems manager for learning at Air New Zealand. He regularly speaks at events presenting themes relating to innovation and productivity using technology. His academic background spans psychology, a bachelor’s degree in Visual Art and he is currently enrolled into a master’s programme focused on commercialisation and entrepreneurship. Clint delivers a high-energy and insightful performance that engages audiences using facts generated from deep investigations into selected subjects.

Transforming Learing Through Disruptive Technologies

In 2018, Air New Zealand embarked on its first learning transformation journey. The vision and strategy set forth was: Learning for anyone, anywhere, anytime. At an 80-year old company in a high-consequence, highly regulated environment, this strategy required disruptive technologies alongside pedagogical best practices to transform learning.

The learning function was decentralised with inconsistent pedagogical practices and most of the learning was delivered either through classroom training or basic computer-based training leading to inefficiencies within the airline’s operations. Making learning future-focused required a disruptive approach.

This presentation recounts three storied, innovative experiments conducted with air and ground operations since the start of our learning transformation:
1. VR training for ground operations from a trial to business case concluding in full operational deployment. 
2. Reduction of classroom duration by 30% for cabin crew training using iPads as the central content delivery modality and verification.
3. Automation and digitization of 90% paper-based processes including course feedback, Exams, intake requests and benefits from centralising all data.

The format of the presentation will rapidly cover the parts of the innovation and product development lifecycle which includes the following: the hypothesis, business data analysis, premortems, stakeholder engagement, experiment design, business case validation, prioritization and operational deployment. The central theme is the emphasis on strategic leadership at all levels to push through the barriers of inertia within corporate and regulatory constraints – a theme that is at the core of Air New Zealand innovation.

The audience will gain an insight into the experimentation process at Air NZ specifically within the learning function along with the do’s and don’ts of the transformation process. Airlines considering transformation or centralising their learning function will benefit from the unbiased recommendations provided within this session.