Dr. Stephanie Douglas, Dr. Aaron Glassman & Dr. Bettina Mrusek

Dr. Stephanie Douglas, Assistant Professor, Department of Management & Technology, College of Business, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Dr. Stephanie Douglas is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Management & Technology, College of Business, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Worldwide. Her research and experience focuses on organizational leadership and the overall contributions of human capital to organizational effectiveness and performance. She has authored book chapters on leadership development and the use of data in decision making. 


Dr. Aaron M. Glassman, Department Chair and Associate Professor, Management & Technology Department, College of Business, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Worldwide

Dr. Glassman is an Associate Professor of Management and IT Strategy and Chair of the Department of Management and Technology, College of Business, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Worldwide. His research and experience focuses on the use of technology to drive business outcomes and has been published in Compensation and Benefits Review, Issues in Information Systems, Global Education Journal, International Journal of Aviation, Aeronautics and Aerospace, Journal of International Business Education, Air & Space Power Journal and Business Horizons. In addition, Dr. Glassman serves on the editorial board for the Enterprise Architecture Body of Knowledge (EABOK) and speaks often at aviation/business events.

Dr. Glassman is also an aviation enthusiast who founded a regional aviation trianing academy and leveraged technology to deliver online content to aspiring pilots. In addition, he is a FAA Safety Team representative, Gold Seal Flight Instructor (single/multi, instrument), and pro bono business consultant to women and minority owned businesses. He is also the Chairman of a non-profit that delivers IT content and workforce development trianing to underserved populations. He resides in Virginia Beach, VA with his wife and two sons. He can be found on weekends flying around the mid-Atlantic in search of the perfect crab cake.


Dr. Bettina Mrusek, Assistant Professor, College of Aeronautics, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Bettina has been working with Embry-Riddle since 2014. She began as a Veteran’s Affairs Counselor for Worldwide and then transitioned to a full time faculty member for the College of Aeronautics in 2016.

Prior to joining ERAU, Bettina served in the United States Marine Corps for 14 years. She worked as an avionics communication and navigation technician and supervisor for multiple aircraft platforms, including both rotary and fixed-wing. In addition to her job as a technician, Bettina also worked in operations and supervised the Mobile Maintenance Facility program. Bettina is currently serving as the Curriculum Chair for the Undergraduate Studies Department in the College of Aeronautics for Embry-Riddle’s Worldwide campus. She has published research in aviation maintenance, human factors, organizational leadership, and unmanned systems. She has a wide array of knowledge and experience with human factors, aircraft maintenance and inspections, unmanned aircraft systems, and management. 

Decision Making Process in Maintenance

In aircraft maintenance, there is near-constant pressure to maintain aircraft airworthiness and avoid Aircraft on Ground (AoG) situations. Every minute of AoG due to maintenance issues represents financial waste and has a ripple effect across the airline. Decisions are made in near-real-time under different levels of pressure depending on circumstance. Balancing cost, time, and safety are very real pressures technicians face in decision-making. Therefore, screening and developing technicians in decision analysis is an organizational tool to increase organizational and individual performance. The presentation will cover components in decision making and focus on maintenance personnel development in quality decision making and use of a decisional analysis tool.