Captain Evey Cormican

Captain Evey Cormican, Founder-CEO, Visionary Training Resources, LLC

Captain Evey Cormican flies Boeing 757/767’s for a major US airline. Her story is one of an immigrant girl from a patriarchal society who was able to enter and excel in a male dominated industry and still keep her sense of humor. When she is not flying to other continents she is a happily married mother of three boys who has recently completed her MBA at  Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Business.

Come Fly With Me

We need to change the way we think about pilot training. The other day I was making my welcome aboard PA from the first-class galley. When I told the passengers we were in an unmanned aircraft a look of panic and confusion dominated their faces. The relief came fast as I told them the reason is because we have two female pilots up front. The need for pilots is so strong we must ensure the quality keeps up with the quantity. One way is to leverage VR and AR technology for immersive content and spatial training repetition that will build muscle memory as well as mental recall. Data analytics will provide closed-loop feedback improving training systems and trainee outcomes over time.

Rather than shoehorning the pilot into a training footprint, it will be dynamic training based on the individual pilot need. Through VR the pilot will have unbiased feedback that will allow them to redo a procedure, flow, or maneuver as many times as they wish – still using the Train To Proficiency (TTP) model.

This is in line with the fundamental principal of Evidence Based Training (EBT) but takes it beyond the focus of just Recurrent Training. VR and AR technology of today enables distance learning in the context of the environment that all pilot training must be understood, the flight deck. No more practicing flows and procedures on the “paper tiger” taped to the hotel room wall. This technology also addresses the elephant in the room, training cost containment.

While VR/AR is not able to replace FFS training, it is there to augment it in a way which brings you a consistent new-hire product which will have an easier time throughout an advanced curriculum training due to environmental familiarity.