Katherine Denis

Katherine Denis, Supervisor – Inflight Services Training AQP, United Airlines

Katherine is the Supervisor – Inflight Services Training AQP for United Airlines. She began her career as a flight attendant in 2005, and transitioned into the Inflight Services Training Center in 2007. Katherine has a Master of Fine Arts in Dance which she still uses when it comes to creativity and poise. 

Katherine has helped with 8 aircraft certifications and 3 complete training center recertifications. She is instrumental in the calibration of approximately 300 Instructor/Evaluators worldwide, and supervises the development of IE programs for United. Her most recent accomplishment is the design and implementation of Electronic Data Capture.

Instructor/Evaluator Calibration

There can be challenges calibrating at one training location let alone seven. This presentation will discuss best practices for calibration regarding a wide-spread Instructor/Evaluator population of 300 as it relates to the following:

– Calibration Mediums
– Positive Calibration Outcomes
– Proof is in the data