Sandra Ann Nesgoda & Joseph Ciaffone

Sandra Ann Nesgoda, First Officer, JetBlue

“I am overjoyed by the opportunity to share my experience and perspective of the aviation industry. I wish to share my story, inspire someone new to seek their passion and show someone that you should never give up on your dreams.

I was eighteen when I flew for the first time, enrolled in class 341 Private Pilot Ground at Ohio State University. My career paths were enhanced from primary education at Ohio State, to the opportunity to become a flight instructor in Deland, Florida. My courage to further my journey into commercial aviation led me to my first job with North West Airlines as a regional pilot. This career move allowed me the opportunity to obtain my dream job working as First Officer at JetBlue.”

Joseph Ciaffone, Inflight Instructor, JetBlue

“I worked as a Printing and Graphics professional for 23 years in New York. I relocated to Florida and began my aviation career in September 2005 at JetBlue as a Ground Operations Crewmember. I had the privilege to move into Airport Operations performing Ticket Counter, Reservations, and Gate Agent Operations. In 2007 I was certified as an Inflight Crewmember upon completion of Flight Attendant training. In 2013 I achieved a position as Instructor/Evaluator of Cabin Safety at JetBlue University in Orlando, Florida.”

Flight Deck & Cabin Crew Teamwork: “We Are in This Together”

This presentation is based on the experiences of crewmember interactions prior, during and post flight operations. The objective is to have pilots and flight attendants gain much more knowledge of what is happening at various phases of flight. We believe that more insight will enable an improved sense of timing, efficiency, and harmony among each other. We will focus on educating each other in the actual duties, and expectations of each other’s work group.