Sofronios Taflanidis

Sofronios Taflanidis, Safety and Emergency Procedures Training Specialist, Emirates Airline

Sofronios Taflanidis is a Safety and Emergency Procedures Training Specialist with Emirates Airline. He is the lead trainer in the design of Cabin Crew CRM and Cabin Crew CRM instructor training.

Sofronios starting working for Emirates in 2001 as cabin crew and joined the Safety and Emergency Procedures Training department in 2008. Since 2012 he has specialised in CRM design for Cabin Crew and Flight crew. He is responsible for the instructional design and implementation of training programs for Cabin Crew, Flight Deck and third parties. He is also responsible of providing leadership to a core team of trainers through evaluation, coaching and continuous development. He has a Bachelors Degree in Law and an IATA Diploma in Aviation Studies.

Training CRM Instructors: An In-Depth Look at the Emirates CRM Design and Delivery

The need for highly competent and experienced instructors to facilitate combined CRM training cannot be overlooked. Even an expertly designed program can fall flat when not facilitated by the right person. 

The success of CRM training depends on the competency of the instructor facilitating it. Developing a strong CRM instructor team is a continuous path beginning with the selection process. In-depth technical training provides cabin crew instructors with knowledge on flight crew checklists and aircraft systems that help facilitate thought-provoking discussions and activities. CRM Instructors must also receive on-going training and support within their roles.

The role of CRM instructor requires a unique skill set and training. Sofronios Taflanidis, Safety and Emergency Procedures Training Specialist, will outline the benefits of a well-designed CRM training program combined with the continuous development of CRM instructors. He will pull back the curtain and provide attendees with a closer look at Emirates CRM training and the CRM instructor training process by using real life examples of Emirates cabin crew actions and behaviours in both training and operational incidents.