Tristan Matheson

Tristan Matheson, Diversity and Development Specialist, Air Canada

Tristan Matheson recently joined the aviation industry and has been appointed the Diversity and Development specialist at Air Canada. He has a master’s degree in communication and media studies and is currently finishing his second master’s degree in Educational Technology from Concordia University in Montreal. His role within Air Canada is to support D&I initiatives, encourage employee engagement in collaboration with community partnerships and create policies that help support inclusivity within the company. As an advocate for inclusion, Tristan has helped co-manage Air Canada’s pride events across Canada, educates on various topics specific to gender and shares his personal experiences as a transgender individual to industry leaders.

D&I in the Sky: A Look at Diversity and Inclusion in Aviation

Recognized as a Top 100 Diversity employer for four consecutive years, Air Canada views Diversity and Inclusion as a part of our DNA and continues to support related initiatives both internally and externally. As we strive toward becoming a leading global airline, ensuring that every member of our Air Canada family feels safe, heard, and supported is critical. During this presentation, Tristan will discuss more broadly on how to cultivate and encourage inclusivity in a corporate context. A particular focus will be given to examining why diversity and inclusion are important to Air Canada and how investing in resources and having a deeper understanding of these topics can improve a company’s success as a whole.