Kate Manigold

Cost Effective Training: Cultivating a Learning Culture

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Kate Manigold, Training Design Manager, Air Canada Rouge

Kate Manigold is the Training Design Manager at Air Canada Rouge. She began her career in adult education ten years ago before moving into the aviation industry. Kate holds a teaching degree from the University of Toronto and an Honours degree in Speech and Language Sciences. She believes that by cultivating a culture of learning, where cabin crew continuously seek new skills and knowledge directed to the same organizational goals, new training programs can be launched with minimal cost to the company.

Cost Effective Training: Cultivating a Learning Culture

Offering additional training, above regulatory requirements, is not always easy to implement. Cost is a huge factor – to pay the crew, instructors, space and training materials, etc. You also need to consider whether it will be mandatory, how will it be scheduled, and will it impact the operation if we have more crew on the ground completing training? Kate will address these limitations and how to overcome them. She will explain that by cultivating a learning culture with cabin crew, you can offer more training without operational, financial or scheduling demands to the Company.