Michaela Klasner & Christa Nolfo

Moving Beyond Traditional Instructor Training

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Michaela Klasner, Director Inflight Service, GoJet Airlines

Michaela Klasner began her aviation career in 1991 with Trans States Airlines as a Flight Attendant after receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Speech Communication from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. She was a Flight Attendant for 8 years, served as an IOE Check Flight Attendant and later became an Inflight Supervisor, a position she held for 5 years. In 2000, Michaela received a Master of Arts degree from Lindenwood University in Professional Counseling and broadened into a career as a licensed therapist, working with high conflict families.

In 2005, with the start-up of GoJet Airlines, Michaela transitioned to GoJet in the role of Manager Inflight Service. These responsibilities included development of policy and procedure, manual writing and construction, and successfully meeting the requirements of the certification process as an air carrier. In 2010, Michaela was promoted to Director Inflight Service and is responsible for both Inflight Training and Line Operations.


Christa Nolfo, Flight Attendant/Check Flight Attendant/Instructor, GoJet Airlines

Christa Nolfo’s career in aviation started after working as a Sr. Recruiter for a major global banking institution for many years. In 1997, she joined American Airlines as a Flight Attendant based in Boston. Christa describes that experience as “Right Job, Wrong Time”, as she was only able to maintain the role for a year due to greater priorities at home.

Seven years later, while reading the Sunday paper’s “Help Wanted” section, she saw the half-page advertisement for a new airline coming to St. Louis. It didn’t take long for her to dust off the old interview suit (even though the skirt no longer fit!), and secure herself a spot in the first class of Flight Attendants for that new airline known as GoJet Airlines.

Chosen to assist with certification of the airline, Christa participated in FAA Proving Runs, was instrumental in her role in the Initial Cadre, and is qualified as a Check Flight Attendant and Inflight Instructor. Now, some 15 years later, Christa has found herself involved in many diverse opportunities at the airline. The variety of her many roles allow her to utilize her experience, motivation, enthusiasm and integrity to assist the Inflight Team in a number of valued ways and looks forward to many more years in her role to elevate her airline in the ever-competitive world of aviation.

Moving Beyond Traditional Instructor Training: CRM to IRM … Fostering Cohesion and Motivation of Inflight Training Teams

The implementation and evolution of CRM is responsible for the dynamic culture shift amongst crewmembers and contributed to the more common environment of respect and safety of aviation. Tasked with facilitating Human Factors principals can be a challenge if the very principals necessary for successful CRM are a challenge to training instructors. By adopting a more modern approach to the principals and delivery methods of CRM, while tailoring this to enhance traditional instructor training, a more cohesive and motivated Inflight Training “crew” can result.