Building Generational IQ – Developing Personal and Organizational Competence in Engaging a Multi-Generational Team

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Terry Whitaker, Associate Partner, BlessingWhite, A Division of GP Strategies

Terry holds a BSBA from Villanova University. She is highly experienced in areas such as Frontline Leadership, Career Planning & Coaching, Communication, Personal Branding, Diversity & Inclusion, Team Alignment, and much more.

Terry’s unique background in corporate brand management and personal branding informs the holistic approach she brings to her facilitation and coaching clients. She helps organizations develop inspiring leaders, irresistible cultures and impassioned workforces.

Previous roles:
– Brand Strategist/Founder, Crossbow Studio
– Director of Business Development, CRESA Partners
– Manager, Nestle

Building Generational IQ Mini Workshop

Most airline Cabin Crew/Flight Attendants are multi-generational, made up of baby boomers, Generation X, and the ever-growing Millennials. We spend time together every day at the airport, during training, at the office, to and from the hotels, and in the air. How are we similar? How are we different? With multiple generations represented in our workforce, we need to be more sensitive than ever to the differences in working styles between the generations in order to maintain cohesive crews & teams. Yet there are many myths and exaggerations regarding the differences between generations and how they approach work.

In this condensed session, we will start with a brief overview of each of the generations to ensure that everyone has a common understanding by what we mean by each of the generation names as well as the time periods and general characteristics of each. From there, our focus will be on the workplace preferences of each generation, and examine the business implications and future of the multi-generational workforce.