Dan Duren & Steve Throneberry

Dan Duren, Learning Consultant, Southwest Airlines University

Previous roles:
– Sr. Manager, Curriculum Development, Southwest Airlines
– Vice President of Global Learning, Reach Local, Inc.
– Sr. Director of Training, Brinker International
– Other leadership roles in the high tech, finance, telecom and business service industries.

Academic background:
– MA Learning Technologies, University of Colorado
– BS Education – Dallas Baptist University


Steve Throneberry, National Director of Sales, Digital Solutions, Marketron, Inc.

Previous roles:
– Director, s2r2 Systems
– Chief Revenue Director, Interview Stream
– Southwest Area Director, Reach Local
– EVP & Co-Founder, Solo Learning
– President & GM, ExecuTrain of the Southeast

Academic background:
– MBA from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
– BA Organizational Communications, University of Central Florida

Building the Partnership – What Airline Training Can Learn from Sales Training

Think of the best buying experience you’ve had. What made that experience so good? Most likely, if you think back to that experience much had to do with the sales person, or better yet, the sales consultant. Most good sales consultants ask good questions, understand your needs, listen to the problem you are trying to solve, and make you feel like they are a partner in the process, on your side, focused on supporting you rather than making a commission. There is a good chance that if you have a similar need in the future, you will return to that same consultant, and/or at least have a new expectation of having a “consulting partner”, rather than a salesperson or order-taker.

As a continuation to last year’s interactive Performance Consulting workshop, Dan Duren, Southwest Airlines University and Sales Executive and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University MBA graduate, Steve Throneberry, will dive deep into one of the most important traits of a Performance Consultant in a learning organization – being a Strategic Partner! This interactive interview will unveil proven sales training techniques and how to apply them in building a strong, strategic business partnership with your internal training customers.