Kristianna Fallows

Supervisor Learning Design, JetBlue University

Kristianna has an M.A. in Applied Learning & Instruction and has been working in instructional design for 16 years. She has worked for JetBlue University for 5½ years after spending the majority of her career creating military training programs. After travel and adventure, Kristianna’s next greatest passions are studying the why and how adults learn. She believes providing meaningful learning opportunities is the best way she can help others achieve their dreams. Along these lines, Kristianna loves to share with others how they can apply research-backed learning theories in a practical way in their business environment.

A New Vision for Learning: From AQP to xAPI

The future of learning is personalization – getting learners what they need, when they need it. Many companies are turning to designing an Experience Application Programming Interface (xAPI) to collect data on students rather than relying on traditional Learning Management Systems (LMSs). The FAA’s Advanced Qualification Program (AQP) is the structure that sets air carriers up for success in that new world of personalized learning based on data. AQP’s support of data-based training decisions aligns with the goals of an xAPI-ased approach to collecting learner data: the more robust our data is, the more we can focus on learner needs and thereby optimize human performance and operational safety.

This session will review several examples of how AQP data has influenced learning design in JetBlue AQP programs and how that design has influenced learner performance. We will then spend some time digging into the possibilities and potential for more personalized airline training that can be realized with an xAPI-based approach for creating individual learning stories. The session will conclude with a vision of how AQP data combined with xAPI can enhance human performance in the future.