Mikaela Dontu, Janice Nguon & Ali Habib Merahba

Mikaela Dontu, Director of Inflight, Sky Regional Airlines

With over 10 years in commercial aviation, Mikaela Dontu is an experienced people leader with excellent understanding of the industry’s rules and regulations. Mikaela has built and led large teams, driving results, business to business sales and outstanding service delivery. 

With a passion for customer service and safety, and an interest in regulatory applications of aviation, Mikaela is a committed leader with determined and well thought out planning expertise. 

Her interest in safety reporting, performance indicators and targets have brought her to compile a comprehensive reporting training for all cabin crew, and the subject of her presentation now.

Mikaela is an active member of the Cabin Operations Safety Group, and has hosted various talks, discussion table and training sessions related to the subject of safety, domestically and abroad.


Janice Nguon, Team Lead Cabin Safety Trainer, Sky Regional Airlines

With over seven years of experience in the aviation industry, Janice Nguon is responsible for coordinating and facilitating large group training sessions, setting the precedent for cabin safety excellence. Not only does she demonstrate leadership skills within the aircrew and as a representative of Sky Regional, she is also involved in the development, evaluation and management of the training curriculum to meet Transport Canada and Canadian Aviation Regulations standards.

Her role includes monitoring training sessions and advising senior management on system performance. She maintains a high focus on safety training while ensuring employee development as per company standards.


Ali Habib Merahba, Inflight Supervisor, Sky Regional Airlines

With over nine years of experience in the travel and aviation industry, Ali Habib is responsible for promoting and advocating for top performance and self-improvement across the inflight department at Sky Regional Airlines. Ali Habib has been instrumental in the Inflight management team’s growth and the re-alignment of training and delivery methods for cabin crew. Ali Habib’s knowledge and dedication to excellence in safety standards has allowed him to be involved in the design of company policies and procedures, and in ensuring regulatory compliance. 


Enhancing Situational Awareness: Tools to Fight the “New Slavery”

Human trafficking is a globally spread criminal enterprise second only to the trafficking of drugs. Known as “Modern day slavery”, human trafficking has taken over the world, which means that commercial airlines often carry both victims and perpetrators.

Developing comprehensive guidelines that help airlines train their cabin crew to recognize and help combat the trafficking of persons is not only a need, but a necessity in our current world. Cabin crew remain the airline’s best assets, and putting their specialized way to work on this major concern can change the face of the world.

Cabin crew are trained to ensure the wellbeing of passengers and to be vigilant for any situation that can threaten safety and security on board. The training that we implemented at Sky Regional gives our crews the knowledge they need to handle suspected cases of trafficking in a way that will result in the best possible outcome.

The response we have receive from our cabin crew to this training has been more impactful than expected and has led us to go back to the drawing board and see what we can do beyond employee retention, recognition and training. We concluded therefore that such training combines the power of accessibility and that of personal development. This investment in cabin crew creates critical thinkers and aviation mentors. Training beyond the scope of duty can be the ace in the sleeve for inspiring and reconnecting with employees.