Paul Caldwell

Manager InFlight Training Development (AQP), SkyWest Airlines

Mr. Caldwell began his aviation career with Freedom Airlines, based in JFK in 2007, before transitioning to Compass Airlines in MSP as a flight attendant, lead instructor, and inflight curriculum developer. In 2011, Mr. Caldwell led the Compass inflight training team to design and develop the first FAA approved Inflight Advanced Qualification Program (AQP) for a regional airline. Currently at SkyWest Airlines, Paul is responsible for the oversight and development of all flight attendant AQP curriculums as well as FA training records. 

Paul has a passion to enhance the flight attendant training experience, and is an industry advocate for AQP. He currently serves as co-chair for the Regional Airline Association AQP Working Group, which aids airlines in the development of new AQP programs, and fosters industry discussions for continued innovation and progression for existing training programs. 

Data Driven Training – Getting the Most “Bang For Your Buck”

When developing a recurrent or CQ training program, it’s often difficult to determine exactly how to make the most of the yearly training opportunity. With varying opinions, tribal knowledge, and many directives from leadership to train specific topics in recurrent or CQ, a one or two day training event could easily cascade into a week-long event. With limited resources and time, what’s the best way to decide what to cut, and what to keep?

SkyWest transitioned from traditional N&O training to Advanced Qualification (AQP) training in 2011. Since then, decisions on the content of CQ training has been largely driven by training and operational data to ensure the content of the classroom portion of training is geared toward driving changes to the front line. This presentation will discuss the advantages of utilizing data to develop training content, some unexpected benefits of the practice, as well as lessons learned.