Sheila Dail

Flight Attendant, American Airlines

Sheila Ramsey Dail is a flight attendant with American Airlines with 38 years experience. She was born in Asheville, NC and resides there with her husband, Bill.

Sheila was a flight attendant on USAirways flight 1549 which successfully ditched in the Hudson River, January 15, 2009. Through the decisive action of the entire crew, all 150 passengers survived.

Through her experience immediately following this flight, Sheila found her purpose – creating a peer support team for her fellow flight attendants with USAirways. Following the merger with American Airlines, this team has grown to almost 200 volunteers, with 10 base coordinators. Sheila remains active on the team.

Sheila is also a frequent presenter with Experience to Lead, a program led by Dick Richardson who was a passenger on Flight 1549. 

In her spare time, Sheila loves spending time with family and friends her pets Jasper the dog and Finnegan, the cat. She also tried to find time to garden, read, and volunteer with a church sponsored volunteer team supporting homeless women in Asheville, NC.

Following are some of the awards Sheila has received for her actions on Flight 1549:

– C.B. Lansing Herosim Award, Association of Flight Attendants
– ALPA Distinguished Crew Award
– The Master’s Medal, The Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators
– The Jose Chui Award, Association of Professional Flight Attendants
– Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum Current Achievement Award
– Chairman’s Award, USAirways
– Peak Performer, Western Carolina University, College of Education and Allied Professions.

What a Difference a Day Makes … Miracle on the Hudson

Sheila Dail is a flight attendant with American Airlines.

On January 15, 2009, she was a flight attendant on USAirways Flight 1549, aka “The Miracle on the Hudson”.

In her presentation, titled ‘What a Difference a Day Can Make’, Sheila will describe the events on January 15 from her perspective. She will also take you through the days following this event, and her role in developing a peer support program for USAirways. Following the merger with American Airlines, this program has grown in size and continues to support flight attendants following critical incidents while on duty.