Turning Theory into Practice.

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Gareth McGraw, Principal Human Factors Specialist, Qantas Airways

Gareth McGraw is a Human Factors specialist with over 30 years’ experience in both the civil and military aviation environments. Currently employed by a major Australian airline, he specialises in developing knowledge to enable an organisation to identify its Human Factors risks through the effective use of their Safety Management System’s processes.

He has previously been employed by Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority and not only has extensive knowledge of aviation regulatory requirements but also how to make regulatory compliance efforts actually work for a business. He is a qualified Aviation Maintenance Technician and has also worked as an Air Safety Investigator.

PEAR Cards – A Practical Training Demonstration

Human Factors is often seen as an abstract concept or area of academic study and research. However HF specialists need a variety of methods to make this abstract real to aviation staff from a multitude of operational contexts. Simple tools such as a deck of cards, if designed and used correctly can help to do this by tapping into the kinaesthetic learning style to develop HF knowledge into useable everyday skills.