2017 Conference Program

Tuesday 2nd May 2017

Moderator: Dr. Bill Johnson, FAA

Session 1 – Opening Remarks and Keynote Addresses (all conference tracks)
1) Christopher A. Hart, Member, National Transportation Safety Board 
2) Captain Miguel Marin, Acting Chief, Operational Safety Section, ICAO  
The Future of ICAO PANS-TRG 

Session 2 – The Opening Act: Perspectives on the Future of Aviation Training(all conference tracks)
1) Captain Torbjorn Wischer, Global Leader Training Strategy, CAE
Data-driven Training Insights 
2) Robin Glover-Faure, Vice President Airline Training, L3 Commercial Training Solutions
Total Training Solutions, From Pilot to Aircraft Maintainer  
3) Captain Jean-Michel Bigarré, Head of Training, Airbus Training Services & Captain Harry Nelson, Executive Ops Advisor to VP Airbus Safety
The Future of Training 
4) Jin Ho Choi, Deputy Director, Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Korean Government’s Policy Model on Pilot Training & Supply 
Session 3 – New Learners & New Instructional Approaches
1) Michael E. McDaniel, General Manager Aircraft Maintenance Training, ExpressJet Airlines
Aviation Workforce Evolutional Challenges 
2) Dr. Tim Welsh, Executive Director, National Center for Aviation Training (NCAT)
Industry Talent Supply Chains: New Sources of Aviation Talent 
Session 4 – Preparing Learners for Voluntary Reporting Systems
1) Dr. Bill Johnson, Chief Scientific Advisor, FAA
Fatigue Risk Management 
2) D Smith, Program Manager, US DOT Transportation Safety Institute
Accidents/Incidents and Human Error Reporting 
3) Gordon Dupont, President, System Safety Services/Creator of the ‘Dirty Dozen’
The Interaction of ‘Human Error and Safety Management’ 

Wednesday 3rd May 2017

Session 5 – Maintenance Trainees and Trainers
1) Dave O’Brien, Vice President, Business Development, Modest Tree
Mixed Reality to Improve Aircraft Maintenance Performance
2) Tim Mobley, Manager, Technical Operations Training, FedEx Express
Major Overhaul of Maintenance Training for Today’s Learners  
3) Frank Hugger, Director Sales & Marketing, MINT Software Systems
Documentation, Analysis and Record Keeping of Competence Assessment Results  
Session 6A – Design, Develop and Measure Training
1) Rhonda Cooper, Instructional System Designer, Boeing & William Smith, Maintenance Training Manager, Air Wisconsin Airlines
ATA Spec 104 – Bringing Instructional System Design to Aviation Maintenance Training
2) Bruce Hall, General Manager of Customer Training, Pratt & Whitney Engines & Dr. Bill Cox, Management and Excellence, SA
Engine Maintenance Training ROI and Fleet Reliability 
Session 6B – Workshop – “Houston, We Have a Problem” … Is It Training? (Cabin Crew & Maintenance)
Dan Duren, Learning Consultant, Southwest Airlines University
To Be or Not to Be Training, That is the Question 
Session 6C – Workshop – Do Your Performance Objectives Scream, “I Get No Respect!”? (Cabin Crew & Maintenance)
Rex Conner, Lead Partner, Mager Consortium
The Performance Objective is the Rodney Dangerfield of Training  


Thursday 4th May 2017

Session 7 – S&T Technology Future Trends Outlook (all conference tracks)
1) Brad Southwick, Principal Engineering Manager, Rockwell Collins
Visual System Technologies for Immersive Training Environments 
2) Michael S. French, Chief Operating Officer, LSI, Inc.
Virtual Training IS the New Reality! 
3) Joel Flinois, Helicopter Simulation Product Line Manager, Thales Training & Simulation
Virtual Reality: A New Dimension for Helicopter Simulation 
Session 8 – Special Panel: Harnessing the Power of New Learning Environments (all conference tracks)
Special panel led by Dr. Suzanne Kearns, will focus on the key strategies that are known to increase learning and retention. Panelists will offer specific examples from their own operational backgrounds and research.  
Panelists will include:
• Captain Ken Shrum, Head of Training – Americas, Boeing Flight Services  
• Dr. Kenneth Byrnes, Assistant Dean, College of Aviation, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
• Captain Amit Singh, Consultant 
• Lori J. Brown, Associate Professor, Western Michigan University, College of Aviation