World Airline Pilot


World Airline Pilot Training Conference

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WATS 2018 Conference Chair: Chris Lehman

World Airline Pilot Conference Moderators: Michael Karim & Rick Adams

Day 1 – Tuesday 17th April 2018

0900-1000  Session 1: Opening Remarks & Keynote Addresses (all conference tracks)
1) John S. Duncan, Director, Flight Standards Service, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

2) Honorable Earl F. Weener, Board Member, National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)

1000-1100  Coffee

1100-1230  Session 2 – The Opening Act: Industry Thought Leadership (WATS Pilot/Regional Pilot/Maintenance)
1) Captain Carl Davis, Director, Air Crew Operations, Training & Professional Services, Boeing Global Services
2) Joe Houghton, Vice President Training and Operations Support, Airbus Americas
Innovation and the Future of Training
3) Torbjorn Wischer, Global Leader Training Strategy, CAE
Augmented Training Solutions

1230-1400  Lunch

1400-1530  Session 3 – Global Pilot Supply and Primary Training Issues (World Airline Pilot/Regional Airline Pilot)
1) Colin Rydon, Vice President Training, Safety & Compliance, L3 Commercial Training Solutions
Demand and the Diversity Dilemma
2) Captain Paul Ryder, Resource Coordinator, ALPA International
The Benefits of Training Complimented with Mentoring
3) Steve Smith, Product Director, MissionFIT™, FlightSafety International
New Technologies Changing the Paradigm in Pilot Training

1530-1615  Coffee

1615-1745  Session 4 – S&T Regulatory Perspectives (World Airline Pilot/Regional Airline Pilot)
1) Robert Burke, Manager Air Carrier Training Systems & Voluntary Safety Programs Branch, FAA & Don Dillman, Co-Chair ACT ARC, VP Flight Training, Federal Express 
FAA Regulatory Update
2) Marc Brogan, Flight Examiner – Flight Training and Operations, Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand
Instructor Training Issues
3) Dennis Crider, Chief Technical Advisor, Vehicle Simulation, National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)
The Success of Simulator Training in Reducing Aviation Accidents

1745-1900  Networking Reception

Day 2 – Wednesday 18th April 2018

0900-1030 Session 5 – Focus on Current Air Carrier Training Issues 
1) Scott Nutter, Flight Operations General Manager, Pilot Learning and Development, Delta Air Lines
Optimizing the Simulation Continuum – Curriculum Design is the Driver
2) Captain Pierre Wannaz, A330/A340, Swiss International Airlines
How Could We Turn Each Flight Into a Training Opportunity?
3) Ping Lee, Chief Pilot, Basic Training Section, EVA Airways
Enter the Dragon: East Meets West – Eva Airways Journey to Implement EBT

1030-1115  Coffee

1115-1245  Session 6A – Current Air Carrier Training Issues
1) Captain John Steinnes, Special Projects Manager, Boeing Training & Professional Services
EET/UPRT: Operational Relevance in an Automated World
2) Captain Shem Malmquist, B777 Captain
Training to Facilitate Adaptive Capacity in Automated Systems
3) Dan Littmann, Staff Scientist, FlightSafety International & Mike Jackson, Manager, Acquisitions & Programs, Flight Simulator Engineering, FedEx Express
Dealing with Reality: Possibilities and Pitfalls

1245-1415  Lunch

1415-1545  Session 6B – Human Factors Insights
1) Carolyn Vaughan, Principle Adviser Human Factors, Qantas Airways
Business as Usual – Integrating Human Factors Across Your SMS
2) Fujii Shigeru, Manager, Flight Training & Check Standards, Japan Air Lines
Proactive and Predictive System to Mitigate/Minimize/Eliminate PIC’s Fatal Decision-Making Errors by Deep Learning AI
3) Javier Rivera, PhD, Post-Doctoral Researcher, Institute for Simulation & Training, University of Central Florida
CRM in Other Domains: What Lessons Can Aviation Learn?

1545-1630 Coffee

1630-1800 Session 6C – Breakouts
Special Panel on Instructor Resources
Through a distinguished panel of airlines and industry, Dr. Sunjoo Advani, President, IDT, will explore the nature and future of the instructor profession. Panelists to include:
Todd Lisak, ALPA National Training Council Chairman
Suheil Abumariam, FRAeS, Manager Advanced Qualification Program, Gulf Air
Captain Paul Scully, Aer Lingus
David Smith, Vice President, Training Centers, TRU Simulation + Training

• FAA National Simulator Program (NSP) Briefing and Q&A Session
Arnab Lahiri,
Aerospace Engineer, National Simulator Program, FAA
Insights into the Implementation of New Directives in Flight Simulator Training

Day 3 – Thursday 19th April 2018

0900-1030  Session 7 – Simulation Technology Update (all conference tracks)
1) Jason Thompson, Business Developing Manager, L3 Commercial Training Solutions
Advancing FTD Technologies and the Opportunity to the Pilot Training Journey
2) Fernando Petruziello, Co-founder, Imagine 4D
Virtual Reality; Does It Work? Introducing True Immersion
3) Dennis Hartley, Principle Systems Engineer, Rockwell Collins Simulation & Training Solutions
Potential Uses of Virtual and Augmented Reality Devices in Commercial Training Applications

1030-1115  Coffee

1115-1245  Session 8 – Advanced Training Environments and New Media (all conference tracks)
1) Lori Brown, Associate Professor, College of Aviation, Western Michigan University
HoloLens: The Next Generation of Training with Mixed Reality
2) Søren Seindal Agner, Owner, Aeroteam
Learning Games for Training and Assessment of NOTECHS in the Classroom Environment
3) Kristianna Fallows, Supervisor Learning Design, JetBlue University
A New Vision for Learning: From AQP to xAPI

1245  Closing Remarks



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