Fujii Shigeru

Manager, Flight Training & Check Standards, Japan Air Lines

Fujii Shigeru was an assembler programmer and is now on pilots’ training planning.

He’d like to contribute to aviation safety through his PPS project.

Proactive and Predictive System to Mitigate/Minimize/Eliminate PIC’s Fatal Decision-Making Errors by Deep Learning AI

PPS is Proactive and Predictive System to mitigate/minimize/eliminate human error on deck focusing on a PIC’s final/fatal decision making error.

Human error can’t be eliminated as long as pilots are human, which has been said for a long time. There must be an effective strategy to ‘eliminate’ them, which is my motto/belief.

To cope with ‘human error on deck’ (pilot-caused errors in an aircraft cockpit), the shift from the reactive way to the proactive and predictive one has to be created through the redundant system integration, the core of which is deep learning AI as soon as possible.