Vin Parker & Captain Michael Varney

Vin Parker – AQP Manager, Compass Airlines

Vin is the Manager of AQP at Compass Airlines for both the Pilot and Flight Attendant training programs. In 2014 Vin was appointed co-chair of the RAA AQP Working Group for pilots, and regularly participates in industry training committees, including Delta’s Alternative Training/MPL Working Group and the FAA ACT-ARC. Over the years, Vin has served as an industry SME and consultant for various airlines and organizations, including Northwest Airlines, Sun Country, Pan Am, and NASA Ames. Vin began his aviation career in 1987 at Pan American World Airways (London, JFK, and Miami). Since then Vin has worked at several airlines, including external media relations for Northwest.


Captain Michael Varney – Managing Director, EBT Solutions

After starting his career in the RAF, Mike has gained extensive experience in the industry, working in various roles as pilot, instructor and in management for airlines, regulatory authorities, OEM’s and simulation. Mike led the EBT project from inception in 2007 until publication by ICAO in 2013. He continues to lead the collection and analysis of data to support the program worldwide, as well as providing implementation support and services to airlines and regulatory authorities in his role with EBT Solutions.


Transforming CQ Training: Developing Evidence-Based Training

Compass Airlines, a Delta Connection Carrier based in Minneapolis, has been evaluating the possibility to give its pilots a more effective learning experience based no a competency based structure. Initial discussions and data analysis indicate the best path would be to transform its Advanced Qualification Program (AQP) CQ curriculum into Evidence-based Training. The presentation will detail the rationale for change, pathway for implementation, and the support from major stakeholders, including the FAA and Delta Air Lines.

Over the past seven years, Compass has recognized an increasing need for pilot training flexibility and innovation for Part 121 operations that include enhanced behavioral ratings, broader data inputs, and evidence-based performance analysis. Compass is keen to incorporate competency based training elements to all of its training curriculums, and is pleased to work in conjunction with EBT Solutions and the FAA, with support from Delta Air Lines, to embrace the benefits of ICAO’s Evidence-Based Training (EBT) – and implement EBT for its CQ recurrent pilot training.