A Learning Culture’s Secret Ingredient

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Bobby Loeb, Senior Director, Southwest Airlines University

Bobby Loeb is currently a Senior Director within Southwest Airlines University. Since arriving at Southwest in 1994, he has held various positions including Ramp Agent; Operations Agent; Manager Ramp and Operations at Kansas City International Airport; Ground Ops Instructor; Manager Ramp and Operations Training; Director of Ground Operations Training; Director of Ground Operations Safety, Standards, and Training. Total time spent in the training capacity at Southwest Airlines is 22 years.

Bobby’s responsibilities include the delivery of training for Ground Operations, Inflight, Customer Support/Services, Source of Support, Customer Relations, Provisioning, and Ground Support Equipment. He works with each operational department to evaluate and streamline practices to ensure employees receive an exceptional training experience.

Bobby earned a B.S. Degree from Henderson State University in Aviation Management. Bobby started his career in the aviation industry by fueling commercial aircraft at Little Rock National airport. His airline experience started with United Airlines where he was a Customer Service Representative.

During his many years involved with training, his focus has always been on the people, those responsible for producing and delivering the training and those that receive it. 

A Learning Culture’s Secret Ingredient

We have heard that training organizations strive to build a “learning culture”. But where does one start? Do you start with providing tools that employees need to be successful in their roles? Do you start by building a collection of organizational values, strategies, practices and processes? Do you start by investing in technologies to accommodate flexible learning? All are valid and would most likely contribute to a learning culture. However, co-Founder and former CEO of Southwest Airlines, Herb Kelleher once said, “The business about business is people.” In the training world, “the business about training is people.” Training on safety, regulations, processes, and systems are all essential in our aviation industry and can contribute the learning cultures in which we uphold daily. But the common thread through any type of training is People. We must remember to start there. At Southwest Airlines, learning culture is first built on the attitude, spirit, and heart of its People. Sr. Director at Southwest Airlines University, Bobby Loeb will describe the ways Southwest exercises the “hospitality of training” starting day one and its impact that has helped to build a culture of learning throughout the careers of its People.