Covid-19 Measures

WATS 2021 – Looking forward…

– a message from our CEO 03.06.2021


The covid picture has changed significantly in the last month.

Various countries around the world are beginning to re-open their travel and hospitality businesses, permitting their populations to travel to certain countries and allowing overseas vaccinated travelers access to their countries.

Reports of the EU opening up were confirmed mid May and they will allow fully vaccinated people from countries will low infection rates to travel using either an e-passport or the certificates provided by local authorities. The stipulations appear to be that date of final vaccination must be two weeks or more prior to travel, and that only fully vaccinated travelers are eligible.

The vaccine must also be on the list of approved medicines; all of those used in the USA, UK and Europe are acceptable. We await reciprocal actions by the US administration.

In the US the CDC (Center for Disease Control) has repealed the mask mandate outdoors and indoors. Certain establishments are requesting that masks be worn and a few US state Governors have yet to agree, but barring a resurgent covid variant it can only be a matter of time before masks come off and stay off.

Nine states recently reported 70% plus of over 18’s have been fully vaccinated and 25 states have reached or passed 50% of over 18’s. The President announced another vaccine drive on June 1. The only constant here is change and that is neither predictable nor is it always easily understandable.

With regard to WATS;

We will be suggesting distancing and use of sanitizing stations but there will be no other checks applied by the hotel during the event. As most of those attending will have been vaccinated we will conform to local standards in force at the time of the event.

We would ask any who feel unwell on the day of travel to cancel their trip and stay at home to get well. All who do attend do so at their choice and at their own risk.

We will be registering in the usual manner with distancing requested in the line. We will also request that masks be worn and strongly recommend that any who are not vaccinated keep their masks on at all times. More space will be allowed in the conference rooms reflecting advice for the authorities at the time and in addition hand sanitizer stations will be available around the venue and all attendees will receive their personal supply courtesy of CAE.

Catering is now likely to be a buffet with servers helping guests with their selection from behind Perspex protective barriers.

Overall it seems that business is opening up once again and we look forward to welcoming you to the event. Although things may not be fully back to pre covid conditions they certainly will be more ‘pre covid like’ than we have all seen recently.

We last met as a WATS community in April 2019; it is time we got back together and help move our airlines, ATO’S, Universities and training businesses forward.

Kind Regards.

Andy Smith, CEO and Publisher, Halldale Group

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