Covid-19 Measures

WATS 2021 & YOUR SAFETY a message from our CEO

The health of your teams and of ours remains paramount through 2021 and although there are at last positive signs that we maybe able to properly embark on helping our airline colleagues recover we remain focused on ensuring that we all healthily negotiate the next months.

Our venue, the Rosen Shingle Creek (RSC) has applied for accreditation to the GBAC Star program and should be approved in early January. The Shingle Creek has its own health center and policies to support its staff and its staff MD’s were fully active in preparing the GBAC application.

GBAC, the Global Biorisk Advisory Council, provides the ultimate assurance that air quality, cleanliness and all other associated covid precautions are in place at the highest levels and I am delighted to also be able to tell you that Orlando International Airport (OIA) is already accredited.

Details can be found here

Given the airline industry’s actions to ensure passenger safety, and that of OIA, if you choose to stay at the WATS HQ hotel this year you are assuring yourself of the safest processes and venue available.

On site of course masks are recommended, social distancing notices are visible and hand sanitizer is available in all high touch areas.

Halldale will also be doing things differently and we will specify how we will register and issue passes, how we will sanitize the speaker podium and equipment as we approach the event.

Of course, it remains the responsibility of each and everyone of us to care for our own health and that of colleagues and friends. Temperatures will be taken on arrival at the hotel and we must all be as sure as we reasonably can be that we are not infected before traveling.

Events at the RSC have already begun, new protocols are in place to ensure safe and hygienic food distribution and by the time we all arrive in late April the venue will have a track record of several months and dozens of events

You can be sure that we will work closely with the hotel and monitor any changes to regulations in the months before WATS 2021 and we will keep you informed.

We look forward to welcoming back to WATS 2021!

Kind Regards.

Andy Smith, CEO and Publisher, Halldale Group


The implementation of enhanced measures will provide our attendees with the assurance and confidence that our shows and events have health and safety as our number one priority.

Below, we have summarized the best practice guide for organizing and delivering trade shows and exhibitions of all sizes, in all locations ensuring the health and safety of all attendees in response to COVID-19.

These points outline the framework we are researching and working to – our specific plans and actions will be communicated in due course by the show team.

Facemask Requirement

Requirement of every attendee at every event in line with local authority requirements.

Contact Tracing

Offering assistance to the proper authorities in contact tracing efforts where country laws allow.

Infrared & Thermal Imaging Temperature Screening

Equipment will be available at the entrances to venues at organised industry gatherings.

Enhanced First Aid & Medical Support

Offering an increased number of First Aid stations located throughout the event with enhanced medical support available.

Quarantine Area

Offering a dedicated quarantine area for people displaying the symptoms of COVID-19.

Emergency Response Plans

Implementation of processes for possible COVID-19 incidents, both confirmed and suspected.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Key personnel, including cleaning, medical, food and beverage workers, etc., will be offered PPE.

Employee Screening

Potentially look at encouraging all Clarion employees to undergo COVID-19 symptomatic screening in advance of each work day.

Crowd Density Standard (CDS)

By controlling the density, appropriate physical distancing can occur throughout the event.

Eliminating Handshakes

Recommend the elimination of handshakes.

Staggered Admission

Where needed, attendees will be allocated a designated time slot for arrival and stipulated visit duration and will be encouraged to set meetings in advance.

Floor Planning

Introduction of one-way visitor traffic that could create a logical flow through venues.

Set Up & Break Down

Enhanced guidelines to assist contractors in the set up and break down of events.

Conference Rooms

Rooms with recommended density and seating arrangements will follow local distancing guidance.

Food & Beverage

Replace open or self-service buffets with food served pre-packaged or in closed containers.


An increased use of technology can facilitate seamless and contactless access upon entry and exit.

Venue Deep-Cleaning

Requirement of venues to provide a deep cleaning prior to move in and again before the event opens.

Venue Ambient Environmental Controls

Recommend ensuring the proper ventilation, temperature, humidity, UV air purification controls, etc. are in place.

Waste Management

Collection and removal of waste receptacles will be increased during events in order to minimise risk.

Stand Cleaning

Exhibitors will be required to disinfect their respective booths and exhibits regularly throughout the event.

Hand Sanitizers

Stations will be positioned at key locations throughout the event.

Conference & Seminar Rooms

All equipment, including AV, will be disinfected between each use, and conference rooms will have an increased cleaning schedule throughout the day.

Show Website, Apps, & SMS

Guidelines can be communicated for each event through all marketing channels.

Pre-Show Messaging

Communication of key pieces of information, including updates from global and local health organizations, show admission policies, hygiene briefings and health protection measures.

Exhibitor Manuals

Will be updated to include specific details of what exhibitors need to do to execute the enhanced safety and hygiene measures.

Event Signage

Will include common signs and symptoms of COVID-19 as communicated by the appropriate medical and health authorities.

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