L3 Commercial Aviation

L3 Commercial Aviation

L3 Commercial Aviation

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Global experts in commercial pilot training, technology and aviation safety.

L3 provides a unique portfolio of integrated pilot training, resourcing, and systems solutions for our customers in the global commercial aviation arena, with a scale and global capability that is now greater than ever.

L3 is fully committed to supporting our customers’ ambitions and visions. Our scalable, innovative solutions to diverse training, resourcing, and simulation challenges are driven by a commitment to the customer, product quality, and safety.

From flexible distance learning solutions to high-fidelity Full Flight Simulators, our portfolio of pilot training devices spans the spectrum of platforms achieving the most efficient, effective and integrated training available.

L3 holds an enviable track record within the commercial aviation industry that can trace its heritage back to 1929 when Edwin Link invented the first flight training simulator. Today, L3 continues to lead the way in supplying the highest level of pilot training solutions across the globe.

L3 is aligned to the challenges customers face – training pilots and maintainers to meet the highest standards in an evolving operational environment, where cost is often a key focus. For airlines that have just started-up through to those experiencing significant growth, L3 can supply specialist training, human resources, training management and expertise on a flexible consultancy basis.

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