PACE GmbH – a TXT company

PACE GmbH – a TXT company

PACE GmbH – a TXT company

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PACE leverages emerging technologies such as mixed and virtual reality to develop best-in-class training solutions that empower the next generation of pilots, cabin crews and maintenance technicians. Our unique Pacelab WEAVR toolbox supports the quick setup of training scenarios and procedures, which can be deployed in different training modes on a wide variety of devices including smartphones and virtual reality headsets.

PACE is part of TXT e-solutions, an international, specialized provider of advanced software solutions supporting customers in high-tech markets in their mission- and business-critical core processes and throughout their product lifecycles.

Our solutions for the aerospace and aviation industry focus on high-quality niches such as preliminary design & evaluation, on-board software, digital manufacturing, product configuration, flight operations and training & simulation.

Our customer base includes leading commercial aircraft and engine OEMs, airlines, leasing companies, consultants and 1st tier suppliers. |


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