Together with content focusing on training technologies, best practice and lessons learned that the industry has come to value from the WATS conferences, WATS 2021 will also provide insights into the challenges and hopes for recovery and return to growth. Presentations and moderated discussions led by industry experts will focus on dealing with the challenges that technology, evidence, regulatory environments and our increasing knowledge on human performance are bringing to our industry.

Rick Adams – WATS Conference Chair & Editor, CAT Magazine

Pilot Conference

Day 1 – Tuesday 15th June 2021

0930-1030  Session 1: Opening Remarks & Keynote Address
(all conference tracks)

1030-1115  Coffee

1115-1245   Session 2: The Dynamic Air Sector (all conference tracks)

  1. Robert Burke, Group Manager, Training and Simulation Group, FAA
    FAA Update
  2. Sheri Pippin, Aviation Safety, Air Transportation Division, FAA
    Pilot Professional Development Rulemaking
  3. Dr. Matt Vance, Professional Pilot Faculty, Oklahoma State University
    Undeniable Emerging Trends in Commercial Aviation

1245-1400  Lunch Break

1400-1530  Session 3: Rebuilding on New Foundations

  1. Scott Nutter, Principal, Touch & Go Solutions
    How Capable is Your Organization? Business Capability Modeling for Pilot Training
  2. Chris Ranganathan, Chief Learning Officer, CAE
    Advances in Pilot Training as the Industry Recovers
  3. CDR (Ret) Hank Phillips, PhD, Director of Training Technology, SoarTech
    Scenario-based Spatial Disorientation Training Efficacy

1530-1615  Coffee

1615-1745  Session 4: Panel – Airline Recovery Challenges

Navigating the Dynamic Challenges of Pilot Supply, Recruitment, Mentorship and Training

1745  Networking Reception


Day 2 – Wednesday 16th June 2021

0900-1030  Session 5: Are Aviation Personnel Prepared?

  1. Michael Tarsa, Touch & Go Solutions
    Effective Competencies for Monitoring Automated Information Management and Control Systems
  2. Conor McKenna, CEO & Founder, Vocavio Technologies
    Remotely Assessing Crew Communications and Task Performance Using Data Analysis and VR
  3. Captain (Ret.) Peter Wolfe, Executive Director, Professional Aviation Board of Certification (PABC)
    PABC Mission Update: Ensure the Preparedness of Ab Initio Graduates to Enter Airline Training

1030-1115  Coffee

1115-1245  Session 6: Reaffirming the NextGen

  1. Dr. Nicholas Wilson, Associate Professor of Aviation, University of North Dakota
    Pre-Career Pilots and Motivation – What is the Best Predictor of Performance?
  2. Dr. Suzanne Kearns, Associate Professor of Aviation, University of Waterloo & Simon Witts, Founder, Aviation 360 & ENGAP UK
    Engaging the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals – The Work of Project ENGAP
  3. Dr. Bob Thomas, Assistant Professor, Aeronautical Science Dept., Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
    New Learning Technologies Using 3D Environments

1245-1400  Lunch

1400-1530  Session 7: Technology Enablers

  1. Dr. Julian Abich IV, Sr. Human Factors Engineer, Dr. Eric Sikorski, Director – Programs & Research & CJ Montalbano, Human Factors Engineer, Quantum Improvements Consulting
    Usability and User Experience Evaluation of Six VR Head-Mounted Displays for Pilot Training
  2. Lori J. Brown, Professor, College of Aviation, Western Michigan University
    Shaping the Future of Global Aviation Training with Spatial Computing and NextGen AR Technologies
  3. Pasha Saleh, Director Flight Operations Strategy & Innovation, Alaska Airlines & Rama Myers, VP Aviation, Seeing Machines
    Eye Tracking: A Window into Pilot Monitoring and Instrument Scanning Behavior to Support Evidence-Based Training and Realtime Feedback

1530-1615  Coffee

1615-1745  Session 8: Interactive Roundtable: The Hottest Training Issues

An open discussion of some of the most significant issues facing the civil aviation training community today.
Moderated by: Captain Paul Preidecker

  • Randy Hamilton, Advisory Council, Professional Board of Certification
  • Evey Cormican, CEO/Co-Founder, Visionary Training Resources
  • Philip Adrian, Multi Pilot Simulations
  • Scott Nutter, Principal, Touch & Go Solutions
  • Scott Glaser, PhD, Senior Vice President of Operations, Flight Research Inc.

1745  Closing Remarks

* Conference programme subject to change