CAT Pioneer Awards

CAT Pioneer Awards

At WATS 2017, the 20th edition of the event, three awards were made to recognize true pioneers of the airline training industry. These were awarded to:


Rudy Frasca Mr. Frasca began taking flying lessons at the age of 14, soloed shortly thereafter and joined the Navy where he worked as a flight instructor teaching pilots on the early Link trainers.

After the Korean War, Rudy attended the University of Illinois, where he did research in Aviation Psychology and honed his interest in the field of flight simulation. He built his first flight simulator in his garage in 1958 and created what was to become Frasca International.

With over 60 years of active flying, Rudy’s love of aviation is obvious. Over the years he has flown hundreds of aircraft and collected several, including a number of wonderful “warbirds,” all in flying condition.

Rudy is active in many areas of aviation including the Warbird’s of America organization and Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) and he has received numerous awards.

The CAT Pioneer Award was collected by his son Mr John Frasca, current President of Frasca International

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Capt Dieter Harms Captain Harms began his career over 50 years ago with Lufthansa.

He flew a wide variety of aircraft and retired in 2005 as a Captain on B 747- 400. He was the Head of the Lufthansa Pilot School, then the Head of Training of Lufthansa and from 1997 until his retirement he was the CEO of the newly founded Lufthansa Flight Training (FTO and TRTO).

He was involved with the application of Competency Based Training and the development of the Multi-Crew Pilot License (MPL) right from the beginning and served as an advisor to the ICAO FCLT-Panel from 2000 to 2005 and to the CJAA during the transposition of the MPL from ICAO Annex 1 into JAR-FCL in 2006.

Dieter has worked for IATA since 2007 as a Senior Advisor in the IATA Training and Qualification Initiative (ITQI) and acts as a consultant for international training providers, airlines and aviation authorities on the implementation of MPL.

Capt. Harms was a member of the European MPL Advisory Board from the beginning until its disbandment in 2016.

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Al Ueltschi Mr Ueltschi learned to fly at the age of 16 and bought his first open cockpit aircraft in which he gave lessons, started flying shows and barnstormed across the US.

Joining Panam in 1941 Ueltschi built thousands of flying hours before becoming personal pilot to Panam Founder Juan Trippe. He established FlightSafety at LaGuardia in 1951 and remained an active Panam captain until taking the company public in 1968.

He is the recipient of numerous aviation awards and is enshrined in the National Aviation Hall of Fame.

Mr Ueltschi was quietly very proud of project Orbis an aircraft based teaching hospital that travels the world teaching sight saving surgical techniques to local doctors. This led to the founding of with his son Jim to treat cataracts. Using aviation derived learning systems and training devices helpmesee intends to train surgeons to treat cataracts that today cause avoidable blindness in 19 million in the developing world.

Mr Ueltschi is no longer with us so his award was accepted by Mr David Davenport EVP Commercial, FlightSafety International.

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