World Airline Pilot Conference

World Airline Pilot Training Conference

Day 1 – Tuesday April 30th 2019

0900-1000  Session 1: Opening Remarks & Keynote Addresses (all conference tracks)
1) Daniel K. Elwell, Acting Administrator, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
2) Bobby Loeb, Senior Director, Southwest Airlines University
A Learning Culture’s Secret Ingredient

1000-1100 Coffee

1100-1230  Session 2 – The Opening Act: Industry Thought Leadership (WATS Pilot/Regional Pilot/Maintenance)
1) Captain Jean-Michel Bigarré, Head of Flight Training & Christian Delmas, Head of Maintenance Training, Airbus
Aircraft OEMs: What Are We Changing and How Long Will It Take?
2) Pete Boeskov, Chief Technologist, Training & Professional Services, Boeing
3) Captain Torbjorn Wischer, Global Leader Training Solutions, CAE
Developing Better Pilots, Faster

1230-1400  Lunch

1400-1530  Session 3 – Global Primary Training Issues (WATS/RATS Pilot)
1) Colin Rydon, Vice President Training, Standards & Development | Head of Training, L3 Commercial Aviation
Developing the Airline Ready Pilot
2) Karen Moore, Managing Director & Principal Occupational Psychologist, Symbiotics
Selecting for Resilience Then Maintaining Mental Wellbeing – Keeping the Stuffing in the ‘Right Stuff’
3) Jennifer Birdsong, Director, Advanced Learning Technology & Development & Steve Smith, Product Director, MissionFIT™, FlightSafety International
Continuum of Learning: Making Better Aviators by Teaching the Brain, Not the Pilot

1530-1615  Coffee

1615-1745  Session 4 – Flight Training Insights from the Regulators and Air Carriers (WATS/RATS Pilot)
1) Dr. Janeen Kochan, Engineering Research Psychologist, US Department of Transport/Volpe Center, Mindy Robinson, Physical Scientist, FAA Aviation Safety, Office of Accident Investigation and Prevention & Kelly Ann Curran, PMP, US Department of Transport/Volpe Center
Emerging Tools and Techniques for Risk Based Decision Making
2) Marc Brogan, Aviation Examiner – Flight Training & Operations, Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand
The Profession of Aviation: Quality and Retention
3) Captain Owen Sims, Type Rating Examiner (TRE), Flybe
Modifying Human Behaviour; What Flight Training Can Learn From Psychotherapy

1745-1930  Networking Reception 

Day 2 – Wednesday May 1st 2019

0900-1030  Session 5 – Focus on Air Carrier Training Views
1) Mike Gerdes, Manager AQP/ISD, Flight Operations, Southwest Airlines
Instructional Design Professionals and Pilot Training – Transitioning to Professional Training Design and Development: Our Experience at Southwest Airlines
2) Captain Laura Lucas-Edwards, A320 Captain, Delta Air Lines
Committing to Video – Engaging Today’s Pilot
3) Eamonn Powers, Director of Programs, DFW Learning Center, FlightSafety International
How Can Professional Training Organizations Fill the Gap Between Class and Cockpit with Informal Training?

1030-1115  Coffee

1115-1245  Session 6A – Focus on Air Carrier Training Views
1) Norman MacLeod, Human Factors Manager, Cathay Pacific Airways
Tracking ‘Normal’ in Flight Data – Getting Ahead of the Curve
2) Dr. Patrizia Knabl, Human Factors Specialist, Flight Operations Training, Emirates Airline
Findings from an Eye Tracking in Pilot Training
3) Dr. Michael Breus, The Sleep Doctor & Wally Hines, Director of Standards, JETPUBS
How To Be Better in Bed: Reducing Fatigue and Improving Safety

1245-1415  Lunch

1415-1545  Session 6B – Special Panel – Pathways to Meet Safety and Hiring Needs
United Airlines and ALPA joint panel discussion on pilot mentoring and the best methods of identifying, preparing, and training the future pilot group in order to bridge the gap in experience and knowledge as the generational retirement waves ripple through the industry and the pace of technology continues to accelerate. Airlines will need to be more adaptive as new hire demographics become more variable, with customized and individual training becoming part of a comprehensive training program.

Panel members will include:
Captain Michael McCasky, Managing Director – Flight Training, United Airlines
Captain Charles Hogeman, Director – Flight Training Support, United Airlines
Captain Jack Barker, PhD, Chairman, ALPA MEC Training Committee at United Airlines
First Officer Robert Thomas, Vice Chairman, ALPA National Training Council & Vice Chairman, ALPA MEC Training Committee at United Airlines

1545-1630  Coffee

1630-1800  Session 6C – Special Panel – Hard Landings and Unstable Approaches
Captain Suheil Abumariam, Gulf Air, will lead a special panel of experts that will explore the issue of hard landings which result primarily from unstable approaches. The costs to the industry of these incidents is significant and calls for more focused attention on the subject is growing. The US FAA is currently reconsidering current approach stability criteria and this expert panel, composed of regulators, training providers and airlines will help delegates understand this issue, identify the causes and recommend validated solutions.

Day 3 – Thursday May 2nd 2019

0900-1030  Session 7 – Simulation Technology Update (all conference tracks)
1) TBD
2) Dr. Jeremy Goodman, Product Lead (SATCE), Quadrant Group & Dennis Hartley, Principal Systems Engineer, Collins Simulation & Training Solutions
Realizing an Active Airport Environment – SATCE and Visual Systems
3) Kevin Vizzarri, Vice President, AVT Simulation
Pilot Training with Augmented Reality

1030-1115  Coffee

1115-1245  Session 8 – Advanced Training Environments and New Media (all conference tracks)
1) Nick Wilson, Assistant Professor, Aviation, University of North Dakota
Distance Learning Technologies with the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals: Lessons Learned
2) Amanda Bond, Research Scientist, Soar Technology, Inc.
Using Game-Environment-Based Training to Train Spatial Disorientation
3) Professor Lori Brown, Western Michigan University, College of Aviation
Beam Me Up – Using Holographic Telepresence to Create Global Collaborative Training

1245  Closing Remarks