Capt. Suheil Abumariam & Dr. Sunjoo Advani

Captain Suheil Abumariam, FRAeS, MSc, AvMP, AQP Manager, Gulf Air

Suheil is a highly qualified (FRAeS) and experienced Program Manager (MPL, EBT & AQP) and pilot trainer with extensive exposure in the commercial aviation industry. He spent the last 17 years of his 38-year career dedicated to producing, developing and implementing structured training programs, in alignment with curriculum and regulatory standards. 

Suheil has led the AQP at Gulf Air since 2011, parallel to the roles of Examiner/Instructor on A320/A330. Additionally, Suheil worked as Acting Head of Training, Acting Manager for Pilot Training and Training Program Development Pilot. His current responsibilities focus on training program development and implementation, as well as providing flight operations support.

In 2017, Suheil joined the School of Mathematics, Computer Science & Engineering at City, University of London as a visiting lecturer. He teaches Airline Training Management Module, a popular elective module for all the four Aviation Management MSc Courses.

From a ‘Flight Operations Support’ perspective, Suheil provides professional guidance to reinforce operational decisions. He successfully led the Flight Operations Project for the B787 Entry into Service Project, the Airbus A320neo and Airbus A321neo Entry into Service Project, in addition to short term flight support for a VVIP A320 operator. He manages pilot assessment, conducts simulator acceptance and leads interviews of pilots seeking to work for the business.

Suheil’s interpersonal skills, exceptional people management and analytical mindset ensures that he engages with all personnel to leverage their practical skills to required levels. He communicates feedback, offering guidance and areas for improvement, enabling clear direction of individuals. Business-wide for Gulf Air, he is known as the ‘go to man’ for all queries and training associated matters and extends his mentorship and coaching styles beyond that of the classroom. His natural persona and levels of motivation encourages others and he obtains real satisfaction from watching others grow, learn and succeed.


Dr. Sunjoo Advani, President, International Development of Technology (IDT)

Dr. Sunjoo Advani is an aerospace engineer with 35 years’ experience in flight simulation development and operate the company International Development of Technology. Previously, an assistant professor in the Aerospace Department at the Delft University of Technology, his research focused on pilot-vehicle interactions and manual flying. In 2009, he founded the International Committee for Aviation Training in Extended Envelopes, which defined the requirements for Upset Prevention and Recovery Training. These are embodied in ICAO Manual 10011, and recent regulations, including EASA. Currently, he supports several airlines in developing their UPRT programs and applying UPRT to their pilots and instructors. 

Staying Alive: Teaching Angle-of-Attack Management

Maintaining an appropriate angle of attack is critical to flight safety and efficiency. Higher angles of attack lead to increased drag, and closer proximity to aerodynamic stall. For manual handling during any phase of flight, understanding the angle of attack and how it changes as a function of other parameters, is key to a successful outcome. But how do we make pilots thoroughly aware of the angle of attack? How does it relate to the aircraft energy state? And how do we stay clear of the critical angle of attack?

Training every pilot to become initimately familiar with the multiple sources of angle of attack must be part of every training manager’s goal. This training requires both an appreciation of the theory, and application to develop the requisite skills in order to develop and maintain the competencies required for manual flying. 

This presentation will illustrate the problem and explain novel methods of teaching pilots on how to recognise and how to manage their aircraft angle of attack.