Captain Jack Barker, PhD

Captain Jack Barker, PhD, Chairman, ALPA MEC Training Committee at United Airlines

Captain Jack Barker, PhD, is the Chairman of the United ALPA MEC Training Committee. Jack is an Airbus pilot at United Airlines with over 16,000 flying hours. He has developed and taught Crew Resource Management (CRM) courses to pilots, flight attendants and ground personnel at United. He has been a LOSA observer and data analyzer for all LOSAs conducted at United. At United he has flown several aircraft (B737, B767, DC-10, A319, A320) with type ratings on the A319/320 and B757/767. Captain Barker is also an adjunct Human Factors professor at ERAU.

Prior to joining United Airlines, Jack spent 17 years on active duty in the United States Air Force. During his military career Jack served as an aircraft maintenance officer (F4-D), piloted several different aircraft (C-141, Twin Otter, King Air, T-3), and taught as a professor of psychology at the United States Air Force Academy. As a professor he was involved with NASA sponsored high performance team research and organizational development consulting. Several of his research projects in the 90’s involved working with Robert Helmreich, Ph.D. helping to evolve CRM and develop LOSA. He has also consulted over the years in various industries including healthcare adapting the aviation safety model to reduce errors and improve safety with high performance teams. He has a B.S. in human factors engineering from the United States Air Force Academy and a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology from Florida State University.