Professional Aviation in the Future: Quality and Retention

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Marc Brogan, Flight Examiner – Flight Training and Operations, Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand

Marc Brogan is an Aviation Examiner for the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand. His role is principally involving licensing standards and certification of flight training organisations and small air transport operations. For the past four years he has been working on a review of training outcomes within the training sector and the experiences of those trainees in the airlines. Past presentations include Flight Instruction and the Profession of Aviation at WATS 2018 and APATS 2018. The project has now reached the end goal of working with the airlines in determining the success of new-entrants and the role of the Professional Flight Instructor in setting and maintaining the standard throughout a career.

The Profession of Aviation: Quality and Retention

As new recruit pilot experience levels reduce with continuing high demand for new pilots, does the historic model of learning to fly still meet the needs and expectations of the current models of airline training?Will we see sufficient numbers of new entrants into the aviation system to meet the incredible demand as highlighted by aircraft manufacturers? And will the pilot training meet airline requirements with the current training packages and resources?In an ongoing project, the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand have been collaborating with the New Zealand Flight-Training sector to raise awareness of the meaning of professionalism and the vital role of flight instructors whether at ab-initio level or throughout the commercial environment. This long term study has now matured into a collaborative effort with entry level airlines.