Using Flight Data in Training – Getting Ahead of the Curve

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Norman MacLeod, Human Factors Manager, Cathay Pacific Airways

Norman MacLeod has had a varied career in aviation, starting with 22 years as training design specialist in the UK RAF, which included a tour working on developing new approaches to crew training for the C-130 transport aircraft. He then spent 17 years as a consultant, mainly in the area of CRM but also involved in implementing training under the AQP/ATQP rules. For the past 8 years he has been the human factors manager at Cathay Pacific Airways in Hong Kong. During that time he ran the airline’s LOSA programme and was heavily involved in rolling out assessment using behavioural markers. He has run a workshop on training design in aviation on behalf of the JAA Training Organization in Amsterdam for the past 15 years and has published two books and numerous articles on aspects of pilot training.